Trauma & Member Care

20 Days Free Online Course

“Can Member Care help with the persecuted church and trauma?”

“Can Member Care help with Ukrainian refugees and trauma?”

“Can Member Care help with the Covid pandemic and trauma?”

This is the most frequently asked question these days, and here I am thinking: “Well, Yes and No. You got to know what you get yourselves into!!!”

This 20 day online course helps Agencies, Churches and MC Providers make wise and informed decisions.

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Persecution | Natural Disasters | War | Forced Displacement | Refugees | Adults | Children

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Start August 29  | End Sept 23

20 Days Free Online Course

with Harry Hoffmann (GMCN coordinator)

  • Module 1 “Trauma Resources
  • Module 2 “Agencies: How to choose the right MC people, trainings & trauma help?”
  • Module 3 “Churches: Trauma-friendly church, be aware of the Wolves Among Sheep”
  • Module 4 “MC: Know yourself and what you get into”

For everyone

  • Member Care Providers, mental health professionals, cross-cultural workers
  • Leaders and decision makers in Aid organizations and agencies.
  • Clergy and laypeople helping those believers traumatized by persecution.
  • Trauma-friendly churches

Monday August 29, 2022 – Friday September 23, 2022

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