2022 Special
Services & Trainings
Two locations


August 26-September 15, 2022


October 2-October 15, 2022

CAME MC Network:
We provide multi-disciplinary, short-term, mobile member care in Central Asia and the Middle East.
We are non-facility based, and our purpose is to complement existing MC resources and serve christian Cross Cultural Workers.
How does this 2022 Special work?

Imagine a

  • Time limited Member Care Center.
  • 10 experienced MC Providers and Trainers offering seminars, counseling, consulting and more…
  • Affordable for all nationalities
  • In different languages
  • Over a period of  2-3 weeks
  • In one location.
  • 1x or 2x every year.
Seeking Member Care Providers to join the team
If you are interested to join, please fill out the questionnaire:
Requirements to join the Member Care Team
  • Experienced Member Care Provider / Trainer / Facilitator
  • Cross-Cultural experience.
  • Mutually supportive team-player in a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Basic English, fluency in English is not required
  • Able to pay own way and travel to location independently.¬†
  • Attitude to learn, serve, equip and network.
  • Proactive & content with ambiguity, even without a full schedule.
  • Minimum commitment of 5 days (without travel days), preferred commitment 2-3 weeks.
  • Fill out the questionnaire, reference letter by peer, reference letter by a org leader.
Seeking Skills and Services to offer:
  • 1-1 Services
    • Counseling (Individual, Marriage, Family)
    • TCK consults (complementary to SHARE)
    • Coaching
    • Debriefing
    • Prayer
    • Conflict Mediation
    • Spiritual Formation
We are seeking a basket full of competencies in the area of:
  • Training Seminars/ Workshops
    • SYIS (Interpersonal Skills)
    • Risk Assessment
    • CISD (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing)
    • Conflict Management
    • Transition Workshop
    • Team Building
  • ¬†Consulting
    • Organizational Development (BAM, agencies, teams)
    • Leadership & Team Development
    • BAM Business consulting
  • ..
We offer

Within the time frame of the 2-3 weeks, we plan to offer:

  • Risk Assessment and Management (RAM) Training
  • Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshop (SYIS)
  • 1:1 consultations (coaching/counseling)
  • BAM project visits & consultation
  • MC Network gatherings
  • and more…
We offer services and trainings
  • Cross Cultural Workers (CCW)
  • Christian agencies
  • National Churches & M Movements
  • BAM Businesses / Business as Mission
  • NGOs
  • Within the geographical region¬†
  • Note: available languages depend on availability