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Member Care Purpose


The Global Member Care Network (GMCN) exists to resource, equip and connect internationally all Christian practitioners of member care at any level.
It is a professional community in which mutual learning, training and sharing can take place.

Member Care Vision


We,* the GMCN, would like to see…
… a healthy, spiritual, relational, resourced, vigorous, global mission community serving God effectively, connected vitally to both the sending and receiving church, reflecting Christ accurately in life and task.

Member care Definition


Member Care is the ongoing preparation, equipping and empowering of Missionaries for effective and sustainable life, ministry and work.
Missionaries (according to local/regional definition)

Pyramid of Care lines
A New Member Care Model

The Pyramid of Care

The call for a new Member Care model has been out there for many years! I have worked with the Pyramid of Care, based on the Christian Wholeness Framework by Dr. John Warlow (Australia) since 2005. Find recent online Foundations of Member Care trainings based on the Pyramid of Care here:

GMCN triennial conference

2012 Chiang Mai | Thailand
2015 Antalya | Turkey
2018 Quito | Ecuador
2021 postponed
2024 Nairobi | Kenya 

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GMCN Board Members and Regional Reps

ravi david GMCN
Ravi David
Member Care India
Harry Hoffmann
Coordinator of the GMCN
rosifran 2018
Rosifran Macedo
Member Care Brazil
Paul Choi 2018
Paul Choi
Member Care Korea
Mihai Lundell
Member Care Europe
Monica Miako GMCN
Monica Miako
Member Care MANI - Africa
Pruitt-Rhonda GMCN
Roni Pruitt
Member Care USA

Just a note to say that reading this latest Network newsletter is such a cause for thanksgiving! Remembering back to the first time we met, when member care was very much in its infancy, and so little training was available. This newsletter offers many training opportunities, open to everyone everywhere. Thank you for making a lot of it happen and for publicising what you and other groups are providing.

2/15/22, A.R.

“Your Member Care seminars have certainly taken the world by storm!”


“We have been going through this process of being equipped and putting in practice the knowledge we acquired through your courses. Thank you!”