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Subject: Narramore Chr. Foundation Counseling and Member Care Seminar 2010

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NCF Counseling & Member Care Seminar


  October 10 - 22, 2010

Imperial Chiang Mai Resort Spa and Sports Club

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Narramore Chr. Foundation and Cornerstone Counseling Foundation are pleased to once again sponsor the Counseling and Member Care Seminar.  If you are receiving this email, it is because you have expressed interest in this seminar or we believe you can help us to let others know about it. You may be a leader or member care provider in a cross-cultural setting yourself and called to counsel a great variety of people, but feel that your education has not adequately equipped you to deal with the many problems you encounter in ministry. To meet this need, the Narramore Foundation has developed this intensive counseling seminar. The seminar will increase one’s counseling and member care skills. The instructors will emphasize a strong integration of biblical and theological truth with practical psychological insights and counseling techniques.

Please note:  a seminar brochure attachment or printed brochures at CCF will be available in later March.



  1. Complete the attached application form and send it to Cindy Hibma, Seminar Coordinator, at
  2. Your application will be reviewed by Dr. Narramore and staff members at Cornerstone Counseling Foundation and you will be notified as to whether your application has been accepted, placed on a waiting list, or denied.  Applications of single persons and married couples who are able to attend the seminar together will be given highest priority, and also those who are able to stay in residence.  Since the seminar includes small groups and skill-building, experiential workshops, as well as the opportunity for individual or couples counseling and consultation, we are able to accept a maximum of 35 individuals for the seminar.  Consequently, please return your application as soon as possible but understand that acceptance is not necessarily based on the order of receipt.
  3. If your application is accepted, you will be notified and then given a link to a web site with a password in order to complete your hotel registration.  SAM (Southeast Asia Marketing) is helping us with conference logistics and will manage the hotel reservation process and transportation to the hotel. 




Although the actual cost of the seminar is more than $2,000 USD per person, friends of the Narramore Chr­­_n Foundation provide financial support so that the seminar can be offered for the fees shown below.  In addition to the lecture presentations, your fee includes room and board; tuition and course materials; the Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis and feedback; a choice of either a daily counseling skills training workshop, or daily individual or marriage enrichment groups; and optional individual or couples consultation and/or counseling.  A certificate of completion will be provided to all participants who stay for the entire seminar.


The conference fees are as follows:


25,740Thai Baht per single person who shares a room with another participant

32,500 Thai Baht per single person who prefers a private room

47,850 Thai Baht per couple


All fees will be paid in Thai baht or U.S. dollars only (USD based on the currency exchange rate on opening day of seminar) to CCF staff on Oct. 10 during conference registration, 1:00-3:00 p.m., at the hotel.  




Those who cancel before July 10 will not be charged if the place can be filled with someone on the waiting list.  In order to cover our pre-conference costs, those who cancel after July 10 will be charged a cancellation fee of $50.00 USD per person, or $100.00 USD per person if cancellation is made after August 10.  Cancellation fees will be payable by bank transfer to CCF. Since we expect more seminar applicants than we can accommodate, please be courteous to others who may be on a waiting list by letting us know as soon as possible if you must cancel your registration. 




Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate children.  We understand the difficulties this may present to parents, but we are unable to provide child care and we know that parents attending with children are unable to fully participate and benefit from the Seminar.




If you have questions regarding program content, please contact Dr. Bruce Narramore at  If you have questions regarding the application process or any other concerns, please contact Cindy Hibma, Seminar Coordinator, at






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