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Subject: Announcing Building Skills 2011

                                                                         March, 2010


To Our Colleagues in Personnel…


This monthly “resource tool” is designed to provide insight for personnel workers in ministry-related areas.  If you would like to be removed from the list (or a friend would like to be added), please let me know… or


It’s here!  Info re “Building Skills for Member Care with Excellence” is below.  Dates = Jan. 10-14, 2011.  We’d love to have you with us.  Let me know if there are questions, or if you’d like to reserve a place.


Counseling openings available:  In Link Care’s “Program of Restoration and Personal Growth” – now is a good time to consider sending missionaries who could use a “tune-up” (or even more help).  Between the busy winters and summers – the spring time (now) usually means we have more openings.  As questions or desired consultations come up, don’t hesitate to call or write.  559 439 5920 ext. 122;



Announcing. . .



“Building Skills for Member Care with Excellence”

Jan. 10-14, 2011 (M-F)

Location:  Hume Lake Christian Camps (65 Mi. E of Fresno)

Sponsored by:  Link Care Center; 1734 W. Shaw Ave; Fresno, CA 93711

Ph 559 439 5920, ext. 122.  Email or



Conference Theme:

Member Care in the THICK of IT: Responding to Traumatic Situations on the Mission field


Link Care strives to provide training and insight into the difficult situations you face in providing Member Care.  Our focus this year is on two specific areas of difficulty. 


Psychological First Aid training


“Psychological First Aid” is the name used in the US which refers to providing care and safety in the immediate aftermath of a crisis event.  It is intended to be provided in the “first responder” arena of the day of and first week following an incident.  Brent Lindquist, Ph.D., is a certified trainer of PFA on behalf of the Fresno County Medical Reserve Corps, part of the US Department of Homeland Security.  This all-day component of Building Skills will give the participants a certificate of participation which they can use in their own US communities, should they decide to volunteer as a CERT volunteer (Community Emergency Response Training), or as part of the Medical Reserve Corps, as well as globally.


Confronting for Recovery


What are the steps to take when you suspect a person is dependent on drugs, porn, or anything which is reducing his or her effectiveness?  Paul Mavrogeorge, MA, Link Care’s specialist in addictions and dependency, will be leading a one-day workshop during Building Skills to aid the participant in the often difficult intervention and confrontation process which is necessary to begin recovery.  This will be a great opportunity for the participant to develop or enhance his or her confrontation skills.  In addition, we will provide training on how to use Paul's workbook Breaking the Cycle of Destructive Behaviors.  This focus will assist you in helping folks in thick of addictive or destructive behaviors.

Plus… we will offer practical insights into helping our children respond to traumatic situations as well as common concerns faced in member care (spiritual vitality, depression, PTSD) and we’ll  be having our normal great food, fellowship, fireside chats, and integration of clinical and pastoral care. 



Dates:  January 10-14, 2011.




            a.  Facilities:  Hume Lake Christian Camps, 65 mi. East of Fresno 

            b.  Travel:  Please arrive at Fresno-Yosemite International Airport (Prev. name Fresno Air Terminal) by Monday, Jan. 10, 2011,1:30 p.m.  A bus will transport us to Hume Lake. 

            c.  Logistics:  Conference begins with Monday evening Dinner, 5:30 p.m. and concludes with Friday Lunch at noon.  A bus will return us to Fresno-Yosemite International Airport by 4:30 p.m.  Departing flights may be scheduled following 5:30 p.m. Friday, January 14.  

            d.  Early departure:   In a desire for “conference cohesiveness” and also recognizing  the difficulty of individualized transportation arrangements – please plan your schedule to remain for the entire conference.

            d.  Yosemite option:  On Saturday, 1/15, join a group of interested participants, and enjoy Yosemite in the Winter.  Additional costs:  Post-conference meals and overnight lodging (unless you wish to accept the hospitality of Fresno Friends).

            e.  Cost:  $650 per person (deluxe lodge, double occupancy) which covers costs from Fresno Air Terminal (conference, transportation from the airport, food, lodging, materials).  Single occupancy may be available for an additional $200. 


Next Steps…

Filling out the application (below) and returning it to us ASAP -- by email ( or or by mail -- along with $100 per-person deposit (refundable prior to 12/13/10), will secure a place for you.  We hope you can join us!  Please let us know if there are questions.


Ken Royer, for the Link Care Team!



Building Skills 2009 020

Hume Lake in the Winter



Building Skills 2009 012

Building Skills for Member Care with Excellence, 2009



What others have said from 2009:


I feel blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to come and gain the knowledge, insights and skills from such seasoned presenters in these critical areas in our personal lives and the lives of missionaries.  I feel better prepared as a new member care provider to take the skills I’ve learned and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to minister to those serving on the mission field.


It is great to know we are not alone in facing member care issues on the field.  Very valuable times of interaction and encouragement and challenge from like-minded people.  Acquired very practical tools.  Provided some time to reflect more thoroughly on issues that we don’t get when on the field.


I found that it built confidence as we leave here to meet the situations before us – as well as equipping us to meet the difficult conflicts ahead.


Thanks so much for this week!  I appreciated the unique blend of pastoral care insights and psychological strategies we gained to help in resolving conflict.


I appreciated the reminder about gossip and I want to improve in “guarding my tongue.”  God has pointed out some significant issues that I need His help to resolve.


The info gathered and skills gained this week surpassed all of my expectations.  Not only have I gained invaluable ministry skills but I have been challenged and gained a better understanding of areas of my life that need development and modification.


This week was full of practical information and tools.


I learned there were so many resources that I was not even aware of.


I really appreciate your willingness to be available to us and to share so many resources.  Thank you all for your generous, serving hearts.


I have experienced the blessing of “Link Care” through my husband as he has shared with me for a few years now about this conference.  This year I was able to join him and now I know why he feels so affirmed, built up and passionate about the “Building Skills” conference.  Even the name of the conference speaks for itself.  We need affirmation, we need community, we need support, even more so as we enter foreign cultures and new roles.  May God bless this ministry richly.  We wish we could just stay here and find small ways to contribute to this important work.


Building Skills is not a place where you will hear ten reasons why you “need to send all your people to us because we are the only ones that can solve their problems.”  Here you learn how to do “member care” better. The two words that come to mind are empowering and affirming.


This Building Skills conference . . . provided me with moments of encouragement and challenge both professionally and personally.  The supportive environment that link Care staff provided is second to none.  Thank you for the spiritual refreshment and practical tools provided so we can do our jobs better.





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