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Subject: To our Colleagues in Personnel

                                                                                                December 3, 2010


To Our Colleagues in Personnel…


This monthly “resource tool” is designed to provide insight for personnel workers in ministry-related areas.  If you would like to be removed from the list (or a friend would like to be added), please let me know… or




1)       “Building Skills for Member Care with Excellence.”  Dates:  Jan. 10-14, 2011.  There is still room – plus a limited quantity of partial scholarships if there is need.  If interested, write for info / application…soon.


2)      In addition, openings are available in Link Care’s Program of Restoration and Personal Growth for missionaries and pastors who are hurting.  Give us a call or email for more information.


In these monthly “tools for personnel workers” we seek to provide a help which is useful to you. 


This month we’d like to recommend the new book by our long-time friends and colleagues in ministry, Dr. Ken Williams and his daughter Gaylyn Williams.  The title is All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go! Solutions to de-stressing your life and recovering your sanity.


Having just completed the reading of this book, here are my (Ken Royer) impressions:


What a beautiful example of authenticity as father and daughter write together from a missions background both as a parent and as an MK.


Solidly based on God’s Word, this book will help you and those you work with maintain a healthy missionary perspective.  With the focus on practical tools, there are exercises to think through personal application of the information, utilize with a group, and provide resources for other people helpers.


Drawing from insights of many years of working with missionaries, writing and teaching SYIS, the heartfelt perspectives, now published in a book on stress, are extremely beneficial. This book is essential for anyone working with missionary personnel.


My wife Mary and I have enjoyed reading this book, finding it rich in Biblical resources.  Thank you Ken and Gaylyn for giving such an excellent resource!


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Now, a personal perspective from from Ken and Gaylyn Williams:


This unique workbook contains practical, biblical tools for maintaining spiritual, emotional and physical health in the midst of stress.  It is filled with powerful personal stories to illustrate principles, thought-provoking questions for individual or group study, Bible studies, self-assessments, and easy-to-apply strategies.  As readers explore the timeless connection between the biblical principles and this practical, life-enhancing approach, they’ll gain valuable skills to cope with their own stress, as well as help others.


These powerful strategies have been proven worldwide.  Over 17,000 cross-cultural workers in 80 countries have learned these life-changing skills.  While this book was written for all believers, Ken developed the principles while counseling over 2,000 missionaries.


Dr. Ken and Gaylyn Williams are an insightful father-daughter writing team.  Ken has a Ph.D. in Human Behavior, and served with Wycliffe Bible Translators for 53 years as a Bible translator, counselor and trainer.  He is founder of International Training Partners (  Gaylyn has been a missionary for most of the past 33 years with Wycliffe Bible Translators, the Navigators and now as the director of Relationship Resources.  She is an inspirational and motivational trainer and the author of sixteen books.


Books are available to our colleagues at a 50% discount, on  Use the Discount Code “Linkcare” just before you choose your payment method in the checkout to receive the discount.  (Note:  you can pay by credit card, by choosing “Paypal.”)  You can buy as many as you want at that price.  They make excellent Christmas gifts for missionaries, pastors, ministry partners, friends, and family.