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Member Care Europe

Friday, 19 March 2010

  1. The Seventh (7th) Member Care Europe Consultation - Spain
  2. Counselling Retreat - Austria
  3. Refresh! - France & Thailand
  4. Breathe Conference - Switzerland
  5. Member Care Radio - International
  6. New Directions Retreats - UK
  7. Venue available for conferences and retreats - Italy
  8. ELIM Renewal Retreats for Missionaries & Pastors - USA

  1. The Seventh (7th) Member Care Europe Consultation - Spain

Next Week!

pastedGraphic.pdf23 - 27 March 2010

Peniscola, Spain

There is lots of information on the website - with details of the hotel, location and programme.


(2) Counselling Retreat - Austria

Barnabas Zentrum is an interdenominational counselling retreat program designed for Christian workers serving in Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Barnabas Zentrum offers counselling retreats for singles/couples and for families with children. Special intervention weeks for mission teams with special needs are also offered (please inquire directly). Seminars concerning marriage issues, conflict resolution, transitions, etc. are available either in Baden or at your ministry site. Check for more information.

April 11 - 23 Two-week Family Retreat, Millstatt, Austria

May 2 - 14 Singles & Couples & Singles Retreat, Baden, Austria

(3) Refresh! - France & Thailand

France, June 13 to 23

Chiang Mai, July 4 to 14.

“A vacation with a purpose”

Refresh! Is a 10-day retreat designed for the renewal, enrichment and refreshment of singles, couples and families serving in cross-cultural settings. The programme includes daily spiritual/devotional sessions, classes on topics relevant to cross cultural workers, counselling, medical consulting, massage therapy, a kids' and teens program and other services to encourage, enrich and enhance their lives. Educational and recreational activities for all ages are aimed at spiritual and emotional restoration.

For more information

(4) Breathe Conference - Switzerland

Breathe is a 10-day retreat (24 June – 4 July 2010) designed for the renewal and enrichment of singles, couples and families who serve cross-culturally. Breathe is led by Dr. Daniel and Lori Hahn, who directed a retreat for cross-cultural workers for five years in France called Refresh. In 2009 they moved Refresh to Switzerland after outgrowing the facility in France. 2010 marks the launch of Breathe, a conference focused on giving cross-cultural workers space to be with God and time to restore their souls.

For more information: 

(5) Member Care Radio - International

If you haven’t already, check out the user friendly Member Care Radio website from Trans World Radio at: This represents a strong continuation of a 10-year-old ministry of encouragement of those serving cross-culturally, but particularly those serving in difficult or dangerous places in the world.

The website (formerly MemCare By Radio) was launched in 2005 and averages 80-100 hits a day. It is packed with content, including the daily produced, 15-minute programs and a large archive dealing with the subjects from recruitment to retirement: encouragement, health, crisis, TCKs (Third Culture Kids), culture shock, singles, moving, debriefing, depression, stress, leadership, education, etc. Isolation due to culture, language or religion can discourage otherwise healthy Christian expatriate workers. Missionaries and Christians on foreign business assignments all need encouragement to keep the ‘salty’ kingdom outlook on life that Jesus encouraged us to pursue.

Member Care Radio is a media ministry of TWR specially prepared for cross-cultural workers whose obedience to the Great Commission has taken them to difficult regions. As tentmakers and technology spreads around the world, Member Care Radio is also spreading its reach to encourage those whom the Lord has called to serve around the world, no matter where they live.

(6) New Directions Retreats - UK

14-17 June, Tony Horsfall & Debbie Hawker

15-18 October, Mike Frith

These retreats will provide opportunities to ‘unpack’ the transitional process and issues around re-adjustment in a context of reflection and prayer. One-to-one time with the retreat leader will be available if desired. On the final day there will be a practical session dealing with financial concerns such as tax, state pension, personal & company pensions, investments, and general financial awareness. Personal financial advice will also be available if requested. 

Cost: £250 full board, £160 non-residential

For more information: Check out their website for other opportunities as well.

(7) Venue available for conferences and retreats - Italy

Geneva College’s Rome campus is available for Christian conferences and retreats in January, May, and June each year at competitive rates.  We also accept individuals and families on a limited basis for a minimum 3-night stay. The Rome Centre offers single and double rooms with hall baths; a kitchen; terrace; meeting space; wireless internet; and laundry facilities in a walled compound surrounded by beautiful gardens. Located not far from the historic centre of the city and the Termini, the Rome Centre is convenient to public transportation, grocery stores, cafes, and parks.  It’s a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city yet still have easy access to all Rome has to offer.  For more information, visit our website at:

(8) ELIM Renewal Retreats for Missionaries & Pastors - USA

2010 Dates are: June 6-11, June 17-22, June 25-30, Aug 28-Sept 2, Sept 10-17, Sept 21-26, Nov 7-12, and Nov 14-19

ELIM Retreats, a ministry of Barnabas International, will offer 8 renewal retreats for missionaries and pastors in the States in 2010. These are renewal retreats for missionary and pastoral singles and couples (no children). They are 6 days in length. Participants must attend the entire Retreat.

The retreats are low key but intentional times of spiritual renewal, recovery and revival for international global workers and for full time local church pastors.  The focus is deepening in a love relationship with Jesus Christ. Quiet study times are oriented towards Scriptural themes that emphasise spiritual formation and personal debriefing of where we really are in terms of spiritual growth. The Retreats are not meant to provide deep psychological counselling, but preventive pastoral care, and physical, emotional and spiritual renewal. The Retreats should not be construed as a “vacation”, but a quiet and intentional time of hearing again the “still small voice.”

COST: NOW only $80.00 per person registration fee. Scholarships available.

MEMBER CARE EUROPE is an interagency affiliation of colleagues with member care responsibility and is a network of the European EMA (EEMA). Our purpose is to help provide and develop member care resources. This Member Care-Europe Forum is an e-info service dedicated to the information, networking and discussion on issues related to member care within and from Europe. Your contributions are very much appreciated at <>


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