Crisis and Trauma Response

  • Do no harm - useful points when responding to disasters
    Amercian Psychologist pdf article See attached an article
    from the American Psychologist - Do No harm some more very useful points to consider when responding to such disasters If anyone is interested, I've attached an article from the American Psychologist which I think makes some very useful points to consider when responding to such disasters. I think these points further reinforce reasons for responding with radio programmes rather than sending in more people, except where there already exist good
    contacts/ links, a shared culture & language, requests are being made, etc.
    download pdf here

  • Guidelines on Mental health and Psychosocial support in emergency settings
    Available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish click here
    To download engl version of Iasc Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings here:

  • For Disaster and Crisis Responders
    Psychological First Aid: Field Operations Guide Providers and Researchers
    National Center for PTSD

  • For Disaster and Crisis Responders
    Psychological First Aid: Field Operations Guide Providers and Researchers

  • Mental Health Workerswithout Borders: This site contains anexcellent manual by J.H.

  • Mental Health Workers without Borders

    Mental Health Workerswithout Borders:  This site contains an excellent manual by J.H. Ehrenreich (2001) entitled Coping with disaster: A guidebook to psychosocial intervention.
    (In Spanish or English). This site also contains a useful bibliography of resources on managing stress in humanitarian, health care, and human rights workers.

  • National Center for PTSD
    This is the website for the (American) NationalCenter for PTSD. It contains a wealth of useful information. Papers and books can be downloaded free, including a manual on psychological first aid. 

  • The Guide to PTSD and Drug Addiction
    The guide is geared toward those suffering from, and those caring for sufferers of PTSD
    The Guide to PTSD and Drug Addiction

  • psychological support during disasters
    Psychological Support: Best Practices from Red Cross and Red Crescent Programmes: here

  • Resilience in Ministry despite Trauma
    See attached pdf article by Ron Brown

  • Trauma and Crisis Response
    Coping with Stress and Trauma in Cross Cultural Missions: A Brief Summary for Missionaries in West Africa
    Resilience in Ministry despite Trauma
    Crisis Resources in Spanish
    Trauma & PTSD Among Missionaries
    Crisis Intervention for Missionaries
    Crisis Reading List
    Strategic Concepts for Mobile Crisis Response
    Critical Incident Stress Debriefings for Cross-Cultural Workers: Harmful or Helpful?
    Trauma Healing in the Church
    The Mobile Member Care Team as a Means of Responding to Crises: West Africa
    Go to Mobile Member Care Team

  • Crisis and Debriefing resources in French

    Download here

  • Youth With a Mission
    Establishment of a Crisis Management Team, (CMT) page 38
    Download here:

  • Trauma and violence
    We support traumatised women and girls in war and crisis zones.

  • Arrested whilst in a foreign country? Know Where You Stand
    What would you do if you got arrested whilst in a foreign country? Who would you contact for help or legal advice? This month's guest article is written by Graham Wallis, a solicitor, who helps us think through the implications of working in a different culture when we're unfamiliar with the law of the land. Go to

  • Ministry Risk Factors
    very good and informative article

  • Managing Risk on Mission Trips (
    Faith groups and travellers have a duty to protect their missionaries and themselves on the move. In this month's guest article, Chief Executive of non-profit travel specialists Key Travel, Steve Summers, gives some simple advice on how you can reduce the risks and prepare contingency plans.

  • PTSD and Nightmares
    Nightmares are frightening dreams that are seemingly very realistic. There are many factors that may trigger nightmares. One of them is post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD nightmares are different from ordinary nightmares in that they are recurring and can be a sign of a more serious mental problem.

  • Career-Defining Crises in Mission
    Navigating the Major Decisions of Cross-Cultural Service by: Paul Keidel (Author).
    Career-Defining Crises in Mission is written to help missionaries evaluate their ministry approaches and to pursue those that place relationships over programs. Each of the 12 chapters takes a well-known missiological principle and, instead of focusing on the theory behind it, uses Bible studies, illustrations, true stories, and practical suggestions to encourage missionaries to make decisions that cultivate relationships with people as they choose mission methods.

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