• 'Debriefing aid workers and missionaries: A comprehensive manual' (sixth edition, 2010). By Debbie Lovell-Hawker. This handbook is a revised and updated version of the Effective Debriefing Manual and gives you an understanding of the impact of stress on your staff, and includes practical training in how to debrief staff. It contains extensive details on operational debriefs and exit interviews.Available from

  • The briefing info and much more is covered in 'Supporting staff responding to disasters: Recruitment, briefing and on-going care' (third edition, 2009). By Debbie Lovell-Hawker. This handbook was written by Dr Debbie Lovell-Hawker Clinical Psychologist at Oxford University , to accompany a very successful workshop on the subject. As well as topics on how to cope with aid sector trauma, it includes specific reference to the Asian tsunami and a range of practical tools. Available from

  • Debriefing -- Missionary and Christian Leader Care

  • A family’s guide to handling the media during and after a kidnapping

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