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South Pacific Region

  • South Pacific Regional Member Care Network
    The first regional newsletter

    The purpose of this newsletter is:
    • To link together Member Care providers from the Sou th Pacific Region who are working both within and outside this region.
    • To give a wider perspective of what God is doing i n the field of Member Care
    • To provide encouragement and support, reducing the sense of isolation
    • To provide a platform for sharing resources and id eas with each other that may be helpful
    • To provide a forum in which member care providers could offer services to other missions eg. in the field of a trained provider to offer member care to MKs
    Your contributions are very much appreciated. Please send details of upcoming events, information and resources that you think will benefit members of the network to
    Helen Macnaughtan: helenmacn(at)
    Please find a Newsletter Sample here. For current up to date newsletter, please contact Helen Macnaughtan:


    is a network of Australian mission agencies, Bible Colleges, churches, support services and individuals serving Christ and engaging in cross-cultural and global mission.
    Our vision:
    Australian churches and organisations actively engaged together in effective cross-cultural and global mission for Christ’s glory.
    Our Mission:
    Empowered by Christ, Missions Interlink seeks to be a growing and vibrant hub linking, equipping, serving, stimulating and representing organisations and churches across Australia as they engage in cross-cultural and global mission together.
    National director: Pam Thyer: mi(at)
    Acting MC Co_ordinator: Helen Macnaughtan helenmacn(at)

    Australia being such a large country, we have encouraged each State to form their own MC network which then links into a National network. So far, MC networks have been established in South Australia (SA), Victoria (Vic), New South Wales (NSW) and a fledgling one in Queensland (Qld).

    The NSW network meets monthly at different locations in Sydney.
    Contact: Sue Giles, sue.giles(at)

    The Vic network meets bi-monthly at different locations in Melbourne.
    Contact: Helen Macnaughtan, helenmacn(at)

  • Contact for SA is: Maggie Tucker: misa.mcn(at)
    Contact for Qld is: Robyn De Vere:robyn(at)

New Zealand

  • Spiritual Growth Ministries New Zealand
    Spiritual Growth Ministries also for missionarys.

    Spiritual Growth Ministries is a network of people from diverse Christian
    traditions and experience who find depth and meaning through the whole
    Christian heritage of contemplative spirituality.

    The Spiritual Growth Ministries Trust
    aims to enable people to develop spiritual resources for their life and work
    by deepening their relationship with God in Jesus Christ through spiritual
    direction, formation of spiritual directors, retreats and other experiences
    of prayer.

  • Barnabas Pacific New Zealand
    Ministering to Those Who Minister
    Barnabas Pacific, Tauranga 3110, New Zealand

    Email: barnabaspac(at) aboutus.htm

  • Missionary Enrichment Retreat (MER) New Zealand
    MERs are biannual retreats designed especially for the missionary. They
    provide opportunities for missionaries to reflect on their experience,
    evaluate how they have coped, and equip themselves for the future in a safe place away from pressure and with people who understand. Professionally qualified and mission-experienced facilitators will be running these retreats.

  • PREPARE Enrich
    EMail: max(at)
    Mailing Address:
    PREPARE NZ, Life Resources Ltd, Max Palmer
    PO Box 13434, Christchurch 8141, New Zealand

  • Heartstream New Zealand
    Heartstream New Zealand: heartstream(at)
    Heartstream serves cross-cultural, missionaries and humanitarian workers in these ways:
    • We offer programs of restoration and renewal for international workers wounded or depleted in service.
    • We provide education and prevention programs for cross-cultural workers and agencies for effectiveness training, care and well-being.
    • We assist agency leaders through education and consultation.
    • We conduct and apply research related to cross-cultural: humanitarian work.
    Heartstream USA: heartstreamresources(at)
    Heartstream New Zealand: heartstream(at)
    Heartstream The Philippines: lou_mandalope(at)
    Heartstream Korea: uej0921(at)

(The GMCN is at no time responsible and takes no guarantee or liability for correctness of listing, nor for the quality of the services of individuals and companies listed here.)

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