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Global Member Care Network
October 1st, 2009
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Welcome to the Re-launch of the Global Member Care Network Newsletter.

Learn more about our re launch, how to contribute and communicate with almost 2000 people in member care:

This months topics:
- 1. Editorial: Re launch
- 2. How to contribute - using our tools
- 3. The seventh European Member Care Consultation
- 4. Other events around the world
- 5. Resources

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1. Editorial Re launch

Dear GMCN reader - Welcome to our Re launch

8 Years ago, 10. October, 2001, we sent out the first Member Care Network Briefing, a Communiqué of the Global Member Care Task Force. In 2001 we called ourselves Global Member Care Task Force, operating under the World Evangelical Fellowship - Missions Commission, using yahoo groups to send out this email to over 1000 people.
By now in 2009 things have changed. The World Evangelical Fellowship - Missions Commissions' new name is World Evangelical Alliance - Mission Commission. And we are called Global Member Care Network, still happily operating under the WEA - Mission Commission.
And in 2009, we changed from yahoo groups to our own blog and webmail, hosted under the and .org website. Hosted in the US, managed in Asia.

We are all quite excited to re launch this service to the global member care community. We exist to resource, equip and connect internationally all Christian practitioners of member care at any level. We operate a small office, where we network, send out the monthly newsletters and maintain the website, which still needs lot's of fine tuning and editing.

It's about time for the global member care community to renew it's connections, and move member care to a new level of influence, presents, credibility and knowledge. Please help, contribute and pray for this new start up.
Harry Hoffmann,coordinator of the Global Member Care Network Team

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2. How to contribute - using our tools

We have setup different ways to contribute.
- Blog: In order for you to use the blog, you need to sign up and confirm. Then I need to confirm your application. Once those three steps are done, you can write and contribute everything related to Member Care into our blog. You can send resources, coming up seminars, good links, even files and images.
- Email: You can also email me directly with questions and resources:
- Adverts: Advertisement is a good way for you to make your services and facilities known to the global member care community. You find more info here. You can also email me if you have any questions.
- Newsletter: The newsletter will be send out monthly, based on blog news, and other news. The newsletter will be based on txt with hyperlinks. That way it will be small in size for those with slow internet connections. Subscribers can still find the newsletters in html format on our website here
- Only events posted to me our office on the blog, will be listed.

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3. The seventh European Member Care Consultation

Member Care: Building On Good Foundations
Starting Well, Equipping Effectively, Completing the Picture
Spain, 23 - 27 March 2010
EMCC-VII is an opportunity not just to hear speakers but to network across national borders with others engaging in the ministry of Member Care. The bulk of the programme will be very interactive with opportunities to engage with the speakers and material and to work at group level. Also, there’s adequate opportunity to spend time with each other. Attendance at EMCC-VII will provide the possibility for qualification for CE credits.
Who is it For? • Member Care workers in and from Europe • Mission executives and those in leadership positions • Church leaders with mission responsibility • Those in training or starting out in pastoral care • People in Human Resource
SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Annemie Grosshauser, Debbie Hawker, Solveig & Bjoern Lande, Colin Buckland, Myles Wilson and Sarah Lanier.
For more info, go to

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4. Other events around the world

- Peer to Peer Critical Incident Debriefing Workshop with Dr. Jerry Reddix, USA
a Peer to Peer CID workshop with Dr. Jerry Reddix, of Member Care International, on January 11-14 2010, at our Headquarters in Sanford, Florida. Click here for more information:[single]=18

Oct 4-9: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Africa, COMMENT AMELIORER VOS RELATIONS INTERPERSONNELS (French version of the SYIS), Contact: Sherri Schneidermann - MMCT, Email:

Nov 4-11: Jos (Miango), Nigeria, Africa, CRISIS RESPONSE TRAINING, Contact: Darlene Jerome - MMCT, Email:

- Africa: You can find other resources on MC Africa here:

- Europe: You can find other resources on MC Europe here: member-care-europe__Wednesday__9_September_2009.pdf

- Asia: see

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5. Resources

- Mobile Member Care Team West Africa has tons of good Member Care resources on their website. Also in French Besides that they publish a regular MMCT Communiqué, with good material. The summer edition is on - Accommodations, Retreat Centers and Opportunities for Rest- available here

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It's time for the global member care community to renew it's connections, and move member care to a new level of influence, presents, credibility and knowledge.
onward and upward
Harry Hoffmann

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