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  • List of good websites (Resources for mission workers worldwide.) (Includes handouts on trauma and, under ‘Communiqué’, resources on crisis care, transition, cross-cultural workers, TCKs, couples, conflict resolution, and other topics. Primarily for missionaries but also relevant for others.) (Information, advice and resources about mission work overseas.) (Very useful papers on aspects connected to stress and trauma among aid/ mission workers. This includes online training modules which can be downloaded at no cost. These cover a range of subjects including traumatic stress; travel and re-entry stress; supporting national staff, and vicarious trauma) (A clinic specialising in physical and psychological care for aid/ mission workers.  Website includes useful guidelines, resources and links.) (People In Aid website, including the Code of Good Practice)  (An excellent free 32-page document, ‘A guide for humanitarian, health care and human rights workers’.) (Trauma Central Website, containing numerous excellent papers on many issues related to trauma.) (Resources, debriefing and practical help for mission personnel) (The Peace Corps, including a crisis management handbook and workbook, and a rape response workbook.) (Includes free e-books on cross-cultural issues.) (Useful trauma information, including principles for working with traumatised children. ) (Offers free e-books, including What missionaries ought to know and Coming “home”: The re-entry transition, as well as books on TCKs and adolescence.) (A website primarily for Christian organisations, this contains many papers relevant to overseas aid work, including a Code of best practice in short-term mission.) (Information about re-entry seminars for TCKs, debriefing, free retreats, and encouragement letters for missionaries.) (Families in global transition – useful resources related to children and families.) (About mental health issues and Christianity. Includes articles on stress and depression, podcasts, and blogs.)

  • (Evidence Aid - Reviews research evidence on aid-related matters such as resources for earthquakes, flooding, sanitation and PTSD).

  • CernySmith Assessments
    CernySmith Assessments (CSA) are online assessments that measure the adjustment and well being of people living and working cross-culturally.

  • Crisis Consulting International (C.C.I.)
    Crisis Consulting International (C.C.I.) has been serving the Christian community since 1983 with the purpose of:

  • Cultural Intelligence Center

    Two websites, and
    have books, brochures, and a database one can view or download free of charge
  • International Therapists Directory compiled by Interaction
    What follows is an International Therapists Directory compiled by Interaction International.

  • International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc.
    The mission of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. is to provide leadership, education, training, consultation, and support services in comprehensive crisis intervention and disaster behavioral health services to the emergency response professions, other organizations, and communities worldwide.

  • Member Care Media
    Utilizing media to encourage and enhance cross-cultural Christian workers, to better enable them to fulfil the Great Commission.
    * We see proactive member care being the norm, rather than the exception.
    * We see communicating and loving missionary families, with a healthy balance of work, life and faith.
    * We see healthy Third Culture Kids, valued as individuals in mission organisations and family.
    * We see missionaries persevere in the midst of difficult circumstances, remaining on the field in spite of strong opposition.
    * We see effective teams of Christian workers walking in unity.
    * We see growing churches, serving God because Christian workers are spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy.
    Encourage, Enhance, Enable through Media!

  • Member Care Resources
    A global portal for good practice Member Care Associates
  • Missions Resource Network with lots of good member care resources
    Find lot's of resources about Member Care, Sending Church, Academic research etc...

  • Mobile Member Care Team (MMCT) Resources
    Trauma and Crisis Response
    Debriefing Handouts
    Debriefing Handouts in French Other Resources in French
    Resources for Disaster and Crisis Response

  • TCK Life
    " A TCK is a person who grows up in a different culture to that of their parents due to their parents' job. "


  • What Cross Cultural Workers Ought to Know
    Written for cross-cultural workers, these articles contain practical information about various topics related to mental health. They are written in short, simple, question-answer format and may be downloaded and distributed free of charge.

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