The GMCN is overseen by the WEA-Mission Commission (link), through a Board, Executive Committee and Coordinator.

GMCN Board
The board will be comprised of delegates appointed by the regional/national mission movements, and endorsed by the WEA MC. This board will appoint specialist representatives, endorsed by the WEA MC.
Gender balance will be ensured. This board has the authority to act on behalf of the GMCN. The board develops policies and strategy. and is accountable to the WEA MC through the Ex Co, which it elects. A quorum shall be set at 50% plus one, and decisions made by a simple majority. A normal term of service will be four years, renewable once, after which there should be a period of one year before becoming eligible again. In order to provide continuity and freshness half of the board will be elected every two years. Specialist representatives may be rotated. The board will meet at least every two years.

Executive Committee (Ex Co)
An Executive Committee (Ex Co) (minimum of five persons) will be elected by and from the board. It will represent the board to the wider GMCN and to the WEA MC. A majority of the Ex Co should originate from and represent different regions. Gender balance will be ensured. It will coordinate the activities of the network and communicate regularly back to the board, to the WEA MC, and to the GMCN. The members of the Ex Co will produce the agenda and keep minutes for board meetings, manage and be accountable for finances, and provide leadership to the board in areas of strategy and vision. They will be proactive in seeking meaningful involvement with the WEA mission community. The terms of service will be the same as for the board.
The Ex Co shall appoint a chair person from among its members. The Ex Co will meet at least annually. They will be in communication every three months.

Upon recommendation of the board a coordinator will be appointed by the WEA MC.
The coordinator will:
• Coordinate the activities of the GMCN
• Represent the board to the WEA MC
• Serve with the Ex Co
• Implement decisions of the Ex Co
• Have a seat and a vote on the board.
• Monitor the website
• Manage the newsletter.

The normal term of service will be four years renewable.

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