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February 2011
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Missionary Kids or TCKs are often the forgotten people in an international assignment or relocation and yet for children such a move is of huge significance. In the UK Global connections runs two holidays for returning MKs – one for teens and two separate weeks to meet demand for those aged 6-12. We have a small amount of sponsorship so keep costs low. Here is a flavour of what they experience – the programme and their reflections on it.

ReKonnect Teens:
The programme for the 15 participants included reflections on British culture, exploring transition through the book of Daniel, looking at gifting and personality and allowing space for personal reflection. One highlight was the trip to York, which included a visit to Jorvik Viking centre, as well as a scavenger hunt. Other activities included film nights, rugby, worship times, craft activities and a TCK Panel. Friendships were formed that are still vibrant and facebook is buzzing!
“I loved going through issues with a small group going through the same things as me.”
“It was a wonderful time to have fun, meet people who I could relate with.”
“ I enjoyed making friends and I really liked the food. Sharing and listening with other people was fun”

ReKonnect (6-12 )
Sunday Aug1, 2010 Depart Lytham St Annes with church 17 seater mini bus almost empty. Next stop Preston for 2 leaders and ……bunting, laminated flags of 19 countries where kids had lived, 34 x3 sets of Craft; books about moving, making friends, feelings….;bible teaching materials on Ruth, time lines for kids to complete, parachute, world jigsaws, heaps of pictures from their 19 countries for kids to personalise folders, “stock” from Thailand and China to sell in the Night market ,‘Gold pieces’ for the Treasure Trail. I really enjoyed seeing the kids bond so quickly despite living in completely separate places. Each evening, WOW (Window On the World) gave the kids a chance to celebrate their good memories by showing us their pictures and artefacts.
“It’s fun and great for making friends!
“Rekonnect is great place to learn how to settle into a different country”
“You get to meet lots of cool kids who come from different countries, talk in bed late at night and have lots of fun!“
“Those days reassured him that he loves England. He still misses his friends in Algeria, yet realises other children speak other languages and have friends in their special country too” (parents)
I don’t think I need to press the case for such a programme – the facts speak for themselves.
Marion Knell, UK


This months topics:
- Editorial

- Reports/News/Requests
- Global Map
- Resources
- Global Member Care Events

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Request input - next Member Care Communiqué
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- What resources have you found helpful on these three topics? What would you recommend to your Member Care colleagues? Books, journals, training opportunities, websites… Let’s help each other build our toolkits for these challenging topics:
· Multi-cultural teams
· Leadership
· Forgiveness
The Mobile Member Care Team will gather together our ideas and include them in the next Communiqué issues. Go to this link for your free subscription and to see past issues:
send email to Darlene

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Manager Couple needed, retreat house India
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- Manager Couple needed retreat house India We are in need of a manager couple at Bethel Retreat House again as the last couple had to leave India due to visa restrictions. Here's a flyer to give out to anyone you may know who may be suitable and interested. The website has a brochure that you can print out. Bethel Retreat House A house of rest, renewal and quiet reflection

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The Limisimi (Like-Minded Singles' Missions) Team 






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Argentina: Report of the “Cono Sured” Retreat for Mission Personell; COMIBAM
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- Over 200 people attended a special one-week retreat for mission workers and their families from the “southern cone” of South America. See the COMIBAM Newsletter for March 2008 (in Spanish). Also on the COMIBAM web site is material on the May 2008 Member Care Consultation in El Salvador. Contact:


- Dr. Roger Boyd is a licensed clinical psychologist with a Ph.D. from Purdue University. Currently he works with ALONGSIDE Inc. in southwest Michigan, providing intensive renewal programs for cross-cultural workers. From 2006 to 2010, he and his wife lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Roger was the Director of The Well Member Care Center. He supervised a group of care-givers serving the large number of cross-cultural workers living in, or coming to, Chiang Mai. He has conducted workshops, on-field consulting, debriefing, and counseling in Africa and South East Asia. He has also lived for 18 years in Kalamazoo, Michigan where he was co-owner of a private Christian counseling center. He is available for consultations and presentations on Individual, Marital, and Work Team emotional and relational issues.
Dr. Boyd is also an authorized Distributor for the CernySmith Assessment (CSA), serving as both a coach and trainer of new coaches. The CSA has proven to be a very useful tool in assessing cross-cultural and transitional stress.


Eastern Asia

member care China
- Member Care in China is a growing field. We live in China and offer member care trainings in Chinese and English. for more Info, contact


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WEA Leadership Institute
IMAGINE what will happen when together we strengthen National Evangelical Alliances through effective leadership development programs in every one of our countries!
The Leadership Institute was officially launched as a WEA initiative during the General Assembly in Pattaya, Thailand (Oct. 2008). The mandate of the Leadership Institute is to strengthen National Evangelical Alliances by developing effective leaders.
Many National Alliances in the WEA constituency struggle in realizing their strategic role as a platform for Evangelical voice and action. There is little understanding of associations and their function. Little time is devoted to growing membership and servicing constituencies. Lack of finances is often cited as the main cause of weakness. Yet working partnerships seldom emerge and the Alliance is sometimes seen as a competitor for limited resources. Without greater training, our networks will not begin to achieve their transformational ministry potential as strong associations mindful of their representative and proactive role in society.
WEA Leadership Institute curricular research completed in 2008 confirms six areas of critical need. The first three are functional (what an Effective Alliance does): an effective National Alliance unites, represents and serves its constituency. The other three are a methodological (The means to fulfill the function) and they are: Leading, Funding and Partnering. A Certificate in Association Leadership was created to address these needs.


Book review: 'Before You Go' by Jack Hempfling
- Jack Hempfling, the author of “Before you go”, has served on many short term ministry teams around the world. His book comprises of 40 short devotional readings which have been especially written for people preparing to go on short term mission.

Renewal for the Wounded Warrior by R. Loren Sandford


Thailand, member care newsletter, Chiangmai,

Ethne Member Care newsletter Feb 2011
- text
view other newsletters here:


- List and links of different Member Care resources

CernySmith Assessments
- CernySmith Assessments (CSA) are online assessments that measure the adjustment and well being of people living and working cross-culturally.

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one-day seminar on Debriefing, Malaysia
- I would like to inform you about a one-day seminar on Debriefing which will be held on Saturday, 12 March 2011 in Petaling Jaya. The trainer is Dr Debbie Hawker, who is visiting from InterHealth in the UK. Further details are provided in both pages of the flyer which are attached herewith for your information. Kindly circulate this to your friends and colleagues who may find this training seminar useful, especially those who are involved in leading mission teams and sending out mission workers to serve abroad or cross-culturally, both short term and long term.[single]=369

- see attachment A ONE-DAY WORKSHOP FOR CHURCH AND MISSION LEADERS Saturday , 5 March 2011 By Dr. Debbie Hawker, Clinical psychologist


missions interlink Bulletin
- Short-Term Mission Team Leader Training
3 Workshops 4 Mission Families : Caring for Families in Mission , Missionary Kids - Getting Them Ready, Missionary Kids as Adults


Member Care Day Netherlands
- find more Information here[single]=368


- BARNABAS INTERNATIONAL and ELIM RETREAT MINISTRIES will sponsor 8 renewal retreats for global workers in 2011.
6 day Retreats for adults only; spiritual debriefing, renewal, and encouragment. Low key schedule; beautful settings State-side. With deep appreciation for the value of quiet, rest, technology fasting, the Spirit and the Word. State-side personnel as well as overseas expats welcome.
Low cost.
For video clip, testimonies, pics and registration, see or contact Henry Stewart at

Michigan Member Care Inservice
- Registration is now open for the Michigan Member Care Inservice, "Serving the Servants". TO REGISTER go to
WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Church members serving in ELIM Retreat Ministries; member care leaders from agencies and denomninations; missionaries and pastors; anyone with a passion for the care of God's Kingdom workers.
DATE: Saturday, April 16th, 9 a.m.-3:45 p.m.
LOCATION: Griswold Street Baptist Church, Port Huron, MI for a map.
"Handling Transitions in the Life of Service"
"Serving Singles in Ministry"
"Finding Shalom in the Midst of Ministry Stress"
"Mastering Burn-Out Before It Masters You"
"Self-Care and the Servant Life"

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