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December 2010
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The Mental Health and Missions (MHM) conference November 18-21, 2010 continues to roll on and probably could be called the preeminent member care gathering during the year in the United States of America. I would change that a little bit to say the preeminent clinical member care meeting. Pastor-to-Missionaries conference, September 28-October 1, 2010, which I attended as well is about as big and focuses much more on pastoral care. We are fortunate in the United States to have such large networks that we can have annual meetings together. Sadly, only a few of us who are active in the global member terror network, were able to attend. I think this is a real loss to the MHM community here in the US, because they do not get much global perspective in their work.

One of the exciting parts of this meeting was the fact there were over 60 students from various programs around the country. The largest groups were from Fuller and Wheaton. Both Fuller and Wheaton students made presentations as well. There is an excitement that exists in the US that I haven’t always seen and I would call it somewhat of a resurgence. However at the same time, this excitement is similar to some tendencies I have seen before. I need to be very careful here and state that I am not trying to be overly critical in anything I say. My apologies go out immediately to anybody who may think anything that I say here is offensive, but I still feel the need to look at the trends and while being optimistic must also be guarded.

Member care when nurtured, encouraged, and developed, within a clinical context still has a difficult time seeing the larger context of member care. While I am terribly excited about the large number of students actively seeking to be involved in member care, I am concerned that no one is pushing the envelope as far as understanding that there are more than just clinical solutions to member care problems. There were no language learning people, few HR people, and no church planters there to give a broader perspective. As well, there were no anthropological people, missiological people, and other integrational folk who could have provided a more global picture to the disciplinary pursuits of member care. To a certain extent I don’t think this was very much different from any other MHM meeting in that some of those integrationists are typically absent. But I still find myself wishing that there could be more cross platform dialogue going on.

Another issue that concerns me greatly is the attitude that many have in member care that is organizational ambivalent or adversarial. By that I mean too often organizational structures authorities and leaders are too often automatically assumed to be the problem. As we continue to get more global I don’t think we have the luxury of labeling a major part that makes our endeavor happen as a big part of the problem. Sure I know that there are leaders that are problematic, but I refuse myself to have that as my primary operating principle.

I would like to give a specific review of various presentations, but I am not at this point able to do so. Some of my close friends may accuse me of spending all my time out in the hallway or in the lounge avoiding the meetings. I’m only partly guilty for that! I did attend some of the meetings and particularly found some of the ones on transition to be highly useful. If anyone is desiring information about specific conference topics, they can go to the website and look through the schedule and probably communicate directly with either MTI or the specific presenters and find a list of topics worth further study.

In conclusion I think that while I enjoy tremendously the more clinical focus that exists at MHM, my heart is stirred tremendously by the integration of pastoral care focus of pastor to M.’s, and the global enclaves that I have attended over the years. I’m excited to be part of member care growing beyond its boundaries and will continue to work towards that and thank you for the opportunity to walk alongside each of you.
Brent Lindquist


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Southeastern Asia
Eagles Rest, Thailand
- To provide a place of refreshment, healing and restoration especially to those Asian national pastors and Christian workers who are living in poverty while serving the Lord. We hope to include counseling, health care, family time and skills training as resources allow. We differ from other retreat centers in that pastors and workers are referred in for sponsored care as they have no financial means of their own to rest from ministry.


- Our primary means of ministry to pastors and missionaries is with our Renewal and Growth Retreats». At an Alongside Renewal and Growth retreat, you’ll find a safe place—a place where caring, professional counselors can come alongside you as you seek healing and renewed strength for ministry.

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cross cultural marriage
- The first is a chapter from a larger book on marriage. This chapter, "I'm Marrying a National," addresses the topic originally mentioned:

- book, "In Love but Worlds Apart," available at Amazon,

- "Intercultural Marriage: Promises and Pitfalls"

- Your Intercultural Marriage: A Guide to a Healthy, Happy Relationship...

- "Cross-cultural marriages: Love across latitudes" by J Fraser-Smith. Link not available


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Malaysia, Thailand
- Heartstream summer programs find more infos here


New Zealand
- Member Care workshops February 2011


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Adult TCKs, Germany
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