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October 2010
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Editorial : 'new trends'

The emerging churches, post christemdom, organic churches, missional churches... how does that effect international missions, and member care?

As I reflect on my personal life in missions, and talk to other missionaries, we all come to the same conclusion: The church in Europe and the church in North America changes. And I guess in other places as well. The secularisation of society back home creates a need for new identity and identification in the church. So new movements, new focusses, new developments emerge, mainly focussing on domestic (missional) emphasis. Which is great for the local churches, as they have a need to become alive again, to be attrative to the old and new community members. But what happens to those who were sent out 10 years ago, 20 years ago, during the 10/40 windows wave. The forgotten ones?

They are still out there, speaking languages no other foreigner speaks, having influence we all dreamed about 20 years ago....they are still out there, while their homechurches fall apart, changes identity, looses international focus, changes interest or cuts support.

Some feel abandoned, or forgotten. Others shift towards business identity. Others try to make it till retirement.

Overall, there is pain and disappointment in the long term mission folk, those who have been out here 10+ years.

Well, I guess by writing this, I try to give a voice to those who feel forgotten.
Please feel free to make any suggestion about addressing this need. I am happy to post it next month.
Harry Hoffmann


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How different nations grieve
- I received a special request from one of our leaders in Africa who helps with grief. As you know we are international and every culture grief their loss differently.
Do of you have any information on how our different nations grieve a loss? If you do not know, can you comment on how your culture grieve the loss of your loved ones? We hope to compile something together for everyone.
RE to



THE WELL Member Care Center Chiangmai Thailand
- click here for upcoming events: Member_Care_Network_Newsletter-September_2010.pdf

Africa Member Care Network
- click here

Link Care Member Care Newsletter - Heartprints
- click here

MMCT Communiqué for October 2010: Sabbath and Rest
- The latest issue of the mmct communiqué, a digest of member care resources and events, is now available.
This issue's focus is Sabbath and Rest here. (for those with slow internet connections, a text only version is also available) here.
We hope you'll take a moment to browse its contents and check out the links to its on-line resources. By the way, all back issues of the communiqué are now available on the the new mmct website.
Sincerely, The Mobile Member Care Team visit us at

5. LINKS, Canada
- , under the sections ‘Member Care’ and ‘Resources’.
One of the things I’ve been involved in for YWAM Nexia, is to help pull together resources for Canadian YWAMers, both overseas and in Canada, and those returning from the field. We’ve put these resources on our YWAM Nexia website, , under the sections ‘Member Care’ and ‘Resources’.

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Christian Counseling Conference, Kunming, China
23-27 November 2010 - Understanding and Management of Attachment and Trauma in Children and Families.
in Mandarin Chinese with English translation
Email here for more info:

Family Education Conference (AERC) China
- There will be several AERC Family Education Conference in China in November 2010. For more info, please contact: for more infos.

2011 AEA Mission Consultation, Bangkok Thailand
- Twelve months ago the Asia Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission began the study process to identify the emerging mission movements that will most likely shape global Christianity for the next 30-50 years.
In March 2010 we published those findings and deliberations into the book Emerging Missions Movements: Voices of Asia, and placed it in the hands of more than one thousand Church leaders across the global as they engaged in different global mission forums throughout 2010.
The Asia Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission is inviting you to participate in our 2011 AEA Mission Consultation, to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 10th -12th of February 2011.
Contact Tracey Stillman (


Best Practice in selection and training of missionaries, Australia
- in Nov we have a day seminar/workshop on 'Best Practice in selection and training of missionaries'
Helen Macnaughtan,

Member Care Network New Zealand
- The newly formed MC Network in NZ
for more info, contact: Helen Macnaughtan,


Barnabas Zentrum
- Barnabas Zentrum is especially designed to strengthen the lives of Christian workers who are serving in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. BZ serves as an interdenominational personal and marital counseling retreat center for pastors, missionaries and others in church and Para church staff positions. The relaxed atmosphere of Barnabas Zentrum provides a place of solitude and confidentiality in which such issues as marital crisis, stress, burnout, staff/team relations, and interpersonal or vocational conflicts, etc. may be worked through. The following is the fall schedule. For more information please check our web site at:
Session 2 October 24 to Nov. 5 Singles and Couples Retreat
Session 3 Nov.14 to 23 Singles and Couples Retreat
Session 4 Dec. 5-17 Singles and Couples Retreat

Member Care Europe events
- see website

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