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August 2010
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Editorial- Blogs, Twitter and Facebook

"...I am putting together a blog with resources for those repatriating and the transitions they go through. I am also blogging about my experiance in an attempt to help others...."

When I first recieved Christa's mail, I had many thoughts going through my mind.
Part of this newsletter and the GMCN is to identify new member care trends. "Blogging my experience to help others" is definitely a new thing to member care.
A couple of years ago, I was invited to speak at the European Member Care Consultation on Generation X and Member Care (GenX - born after 1960). Back then, I was usually the youngest in member care meetings among many so called Baby Boomers (born after 1940). The categorisation of the new generation, born after 1980 has many terms: Generation upload, Me-Sender, Millennials, Generation Y, Gen Y, Digital Natives.
I personally find the term Me-Sender, which up to now I only heard in Germany (Ich-Sender) quite appropriate. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook are used to share about myself, and to read about others, often quite personal. It's changing how people helping, people building, member care and training are done.
Who uses Twitter and Facebook as a means of helping missionaries and sending churches?
Where else are member care blogs as a resource for those repatriating?
I know some, but can I ask you to send me what you know?

Yours, Harry Hoffmann


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New Member Care Europe Website
- Find lot's of European Member Care links, resources and events

Member Care by Media

Click here for audio resources on Emotional health -

a blog with resources for those repatraiting
- I have been involved in Member Care in Shenyang, China for the LDi organization for the last 3 years. I lived in China for eleven years. I am moving to Australia now and I am putting together a blog with resources for those repatraiting and the transitions they go through. I am also blogging about my experiance in an attempt to help others.

Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshop
- Scheduled workshops in Ethiopia, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, USA and othter countrys.
Why should I take this workshop? One of the significant challenges we face on a day-to-day basis is working with others, often from different cultures and with different personalities. Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshops are designed to enhance the knowledge, attitudes and skills of Christian workers in how we relate to family, co-workers, friends as well as those from other cultures. SYIS is highly interactive. We will work and share together in pairs, small groups, and as a whole group as well as practice the skills with each other. The best methods of adult education are utilized so that maximum learning takes place.
See schedule for workshops around the world.


1. Africa

- YWAM South Central Africa (Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia & Zimbabwe)
Anisa Moosa, Missionary Care and Development Coordinator
Cell: +260 979397096 (Zambia)
Cell: +258825811910 (Mozambique)
My job is to coordinate the care & development of our missionaries in South Central Africa, this includes Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. I travel to the different ministry locations as often as I can and give the needed care which could be debriefing, training, teaching, resourcing material, counseling, conflict resolution/management etc.

Mobile Member Care Team - East Africa
- Mobile Member Care Team - East Africa - Kenya PO Box 63486, Muthaiga/Nairobi 00619,
Kenya Dan Crum, Email:
Connie Crum, Email:
Tim Carroll, Email:
Starting up in late 2010, this inter-mission multidisciplinary group of member care providers, trainers and counselors will focus on trauma care. Also providing crisis response training, critical incident stress debriefing, crisis management consulting, interpersonal skills workshops, brief counseling, referral and training and mentoring of peer response teams. This team will serve several countries in the greater East Africa region from its base in Nairobi, Kenya. Website:

AFRICA Member Care Training

- Brenda Bosch, P O Box 33024, Glenstantia, 0010, South Africa.
Email :
Trains Member Care Providers and strengthen groups of missionaries of all agencies through seminars and courses (3 days to 4 weeks) in Asia, Africa and Australia. Provides personal Member Care, debriefing, counselling and help in founding Sending Cells for missionaries on the field and at home. Author of a Member Care Training Manual (to be published in 2011).

Oasis Africa Counselling Centre, Kenia
- Dr. Gladys K. Mwiti, PhD Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Trauma Specialist, Chief Executive & Founder
P.O. Box 76117-00508, Nairobi
Supervises and leads a team of 10 MA Counseling Psychologists. Together offering trauma psychosocial services, trauma assessment, training in team building and conflict resolution and equipping to humanitarian staff in sub-Sahara Africa. Language: English, Kiswahili.

Tumaini Counselling Centre, Kenia
- Dr. Gisela Roth, acting clinical lead P.O. Box 21141, Nairobi, Kenya
Serving missionaries working in 26 African nations from over 100 mission organizations: care following trauma and evacuations, marriage/family counseling, short-term individual counseling, consulting with MK schools and organizations, and preventive care seminars.


Northern Europe

InterHealth, London, UK
InterHealth is a specialist London based medical charity that provides healthcare to support mission, relief and development workers around the world. Many of our clinical and administrative staff are Christians with international experience so are well placed to understand the pressures, demands and spiritual challenges that mission partners face. We support mission teams and partners with the appropriate travel health care, mitigating risks to physical and psychological health, and promoting their wellbeing whilst in the field and when they return home. Committed to the health and wellbeing of those making the world a better, fairer and healthier place.

Across the Bridge, UK
- Across the Bridge was launched in 2009 by Chas and Nicola Woods in order ‘to advance the Kingdom of God by supporting and encouraging Christian leaders and churches overseas, through prayer, pastoral support and prophetic ministry'. Across the Bridge offers leadership retreats, away days, personal prayer ministry, debriefing and ministry to teams. This ministry is made available on the field and in the UK when overseas workers are visiting here or preparing for ministry.
Please contact Charles Woods for more info

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Book: C Through Marriage
- Click here for more info[single]=286

Home Keeps moving - Book and TCK Blog


People Builder's Blog
- Gary Collins People Builder's Blog - Encourage…and build each other up
Subscribe to Gary’s Newsletter

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Missionary Care Workshop, Philippines
- Place: Baguio City, Philippines
Date: 14 November – 3 December 2010
Description: In the course we highlight that God is the Master Carer and will encourage participants to spend more time with God and also love his words.
We will discuss topics that will enable missionaries, Pastors and fulltime Christian workers to care for themselves better and reach out to others in the Body of Christ. We will learn Regular Debriefing,Re-Entry, Forgiveness, Stress & Burnout, Developing Your Support team, Team Life, Healthy Marriage in Ministry, Singleness, Accountability, Sexual Purity, First Aid, Conflict Resolution,Learning to confront, Remain spiritual fulfilled & fruitful, Help workers to stay long term in the mission field.
This workshop will benefit Missionaries, Pastors, Full time Christian Workers, Leaders and anyone that wants to be involve in the ministry of reaching out and caring for the lost and the Body of Christ!
Contact Details: For more information contact Selma S.Guanzon and


Oscar Events in Europe
- Find here also member care related events

Member Care Europe

- Find here member care events in Europe

Debriefing training workshop, London

- Debriefing training workshop, London Sept 9th 2010, 9.30 am - 5 pm Trainer: Dr Debbie Lovell-Hawker For details please see:


Building Skills for Member Care with Excellence, USA
- Jan. 10-14, 2011 (M-F). Find more infos in attachment 1008_LinkCareTo_our_Colleagues_in_Personnel.htm

Personal Growth Conference for Missionaries, US

- Save money by registering by August 31st for Caring for Others’ annual PersonalGrowth Conference for Missionaries. Held this year from Oct. 31-Nov. 5th in LakeGeneva, Wisconsin, this is not your typical missionary conference. No big name speakers, just skilled facilitators helping missionaries reflect upon where God has taken us and where he wants us to go.
All for the purpose of encouragement through spiritual, emotional, and relational growth. For all the details please visit . To learn more of what Caring for Others is doing to minister to missionaries, click on

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