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June 2010
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Wrapping missionaries in cotton wool.
Is there any danger of member care becoming a goal in itself?
I was recently part of a discussion asking this question. My first reaction was, that I felt offended by this question. For the last 15 years I live and work in Asia, and as much as I think about it, I don't know any missionary wanting to be wrapped in cotton wool. But I understand that people have different contexts in which they see and experience member care.
Some people believe member care is just counselling; or preventing, reducing or removing risk and suffering; or only reactive – if there is a problem, member carers come in to help solve it.
We at the Global Member Care Network often talk about member care in the context effectiveness in life witness and work. Specifically in the broader context of Gods kingdom, the gospel and the nations. And this includes individuals, as well as team community and organizations, the missionary and their leadership, their family and the sending church.

In business the end goal are numbers and profit. A company invests in trainings, coaching, career development, and change management and expects a higher profit in the long run.

In missions we don't have numbers as much. And what makes it more complicated and less measurable is that the money the missionary recieve, does not come from the service-reciever, but usually from a third party, the donors and churches back home. Todays Harvard Business School article talked about this difficulty for NGOs in measuring social impact. I think that is the core part of the problem, which makes some people interpret member care as cotton wool. Missions is not a simple linear relationship between service provider and reciever, but a complex set of relationships. Easy to judge, difficult to measur.

This months topics:
- 1. Editorial

- 2. Reports/News/Requests
- 3. Global Map
- 4. Resources
- 5. Global Member Care Events

With great joy I have the privilege now to announce
The First Global Member Care Conference
April 2012, 23-27, Chiangmai, Thailand.
Find out conference banner on

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DMIN - (Member Care)
- DMIN - (Member Care) USA Columbia International University
DMIN - (Member Care)
The DMin (Member Care) equips professionals who have demonstrated skill in providing ministerial and/or therapeutic care for missionaries. It uses multi-disciplinary training tools to equip you as a Mission Support Services Specialist who served in an organizational setting or as a Clinical Counseling Specialist (licensure) who focuses on clinical needs of missionaries in the global arena. It uses a cohort-based model to build professional relationships and encourage in-depth peer mentoring.
Required Courses (30 semester hours)
CNC 6440 Organizational Member Care Skills
CNC 9441 Interpersonal-Relational Skills Building
CNC 9474 Clinical Applications in Member Care
CNC 9541 Career Dynamics &Trends in Missions
CNC 9572 Home Life Enhancement Skills
CNC 9574 Stress Addictions & Sexual Expression in the Missions Context
MIN 9431 Spiritual Mentoring
RES 9400 Doctoral Research Methods
RES 9990 Professional Research Project (6)

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looking for data, surveys, research
- looking for data, surveys, research - debriefing Jochen and Christine Schuppener are very much involved in providing personal debriefings for missionaries, humanitarian aidworkers and staff of international companies returning from abroad. They are looking for data, surveys, research which supports the practice of personal debriefings and its benefit for the debriefee. Would you know of any material? Can you help? If yes please contact them at

Mentoring for mission leaders
- I would like to tell you about an exciting mentoring scheme for emerging leaders in mission. The purpose is to grow leaders in mission by matching those newer leaders looking for a mentor with existing leaders who are prepared to be voluntary mentors. Once you have read the flyer, if you have any further questions or would like to express an interest as either a mentor or mentee then please contact the scheme co-ordinator Nigel Daly More details at:

instrument to evaluate MKs well being
- I am looking for some sort of instrument in which to evaluate how our missionary children are doing overseas in regards to adjusting the stresses, differences, and relationships in a new culture overseas. Would you happen to have anything like this? I would greatly appreciate any assistance in this matter. (...) I am looking for something more along the lines of 5-12 year old children who would have a difficult time communicating what they are feeling verbally. I am guessing that something more along the lines of some sort of "play therapy" or "play evaluation" would be the best, but I am unsure about that. Sincerely, Steve Cole

questionnaires to use with Missionaries and TCK's
- I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction of questionnaires to use with Missionaries and TCK's in a counselling/ministry situation. I would be very grateful of any advice,information, suggestions you may have. Ali Watson EMAIL



Eastern Asia
- JAPAN - Global Member Care
Wycliffe Bible Translators Japan
Keiko Doi, Member Care Director, 1-9-26-210 Nishi-benzai, Asaka-shi, Saitama, 351-0021 Tel: +81-50-5552-8473; Fax: +81-50-5552-8473 Email:
Contact for Member Care in Japan
Language: Japanese, English.

5. Middle East

- A wonderful option for families in the Middle East to take a holiday in the cool mountains of Cyprus this summer. You need to book soon. See website or download pdf file here:

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Arabic Member Care Projects
- Resources for Arabic-Speaking Workers
Arabic Member Care Projects! (AMP)
AMP is a joint effort to help develop member care resources for Arabic-speaking workers.


free online training program on stress, thriving
- Online Training Program: Welcome to the Headington Institute’s free online training program—providing resources on stress, thriving, and humanitarian work.Use the links below to find self-study modules, handouts, PDF booklets, translations, and interactive e-learning courses.


Unrooted Childhoods: Memoirs of Growing Up Global
- Unrooted - Real, Rich, Rewarding - Read It

Re-Entry: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home
- Re-Entry: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home , by Peter Jordan

The Reentry Team: Caring for Your Returning Missionaries
- The Reentry Team: Caring for Your Returning Missionaries by Neal Pirolo

Honorably Wounded
- Book: Honorably Wounded, by Marjory F. Foyle
Dr. Foyle is among the premier voices in the development of the emerging missionary member care field. When she speaks others should listen. She has impeccable credentials: career missionary, medical doctor/psychiatrist, PhD in psychology, researcher, practitioner, and student of the Scripture. Her writing is like her speaking: pointed, clear, grounded in experience and research, no nonsense, and practical. I highly recommend this book to any missionary, member care provider, or other interested party. Honourably Wounded is a seminal work in the field of missionary care. It is a classic.
Dealing with Depression and Discouragement, Adjustment and Culture Shock, Occupational Stress, Interpersonal Relationships, Parental and Home-country Stress, Stress and Singleness, Missionary Marriages, Stress and Missionary Children
For info on reentry stress see pages 223-243 'Re-entry Stress' in 'Honourably Wounded'

'In his image: Understanding and embracing the poor'
- 'In his image: Understanding and embracing the poor' by Andy Matheson (Intl Director of Oasis) is a book which has just been published.
This is not a member care book as such, but it is highly relevant to everyone whose work involves reaching out to the poor, and working for justice. It is written very clearly, and is based on the fact that we are all made in God's image, and so we should aim to relate to people as individuals, not just as part of our project.
As well as discussing holistic ministry, the book covers many other topics such as working with other ministries (rather than seeing them as competition); prayer; empowerment; receiving, and celebration. I believe that if we followed the principles in this book, we would see more satisfied mission workers, more effective ministry, more hope, and fewer cases of division, exhaustion and burnout. So - maybe it is relevant to member care after all.
Moreover, I believe God will be glorified as we work for justice, following the principles described in this book. I highly recommend it.
(Dr Debbie Hawker, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, InterHealth, London, UK)


The Well Thailand MC event newsletter
- The Well Thailand MC event newsletter 1005_The_Well_Network_Member_Care_Newsletter.rtf Member Care Newsletter
- Subscribe to Member Care for senders / field workers Newsletter

Link Care Newsletter about Re-Entry
- Re-Entry Up Close and Personal Something to Think About. . . download here

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Intermission Missionary Kid Education Consultation Thailand
- The Intermission Missionary Kid Education Consultation (IMKEC) is an annual meeting of (primarily) home-office sending agency personnel who have MK education issues as part of their responsibilities. IMKEC also welcomes mission and MK school administrators. The 2010 IMKEC will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on November 20–22, 2010 at the Empress Hotel. Find more infos here:

Keys to the Challenges of Working in Multicultural Groups Thailand
- Keys to the Challenges of Working in Multicultural Groups Where: TBD When: Monday and Tuesday, November 8-9 – 9:00 AM-3:00 PM Summary: Most often the conflicts arising in groups are due to the cultural differences. Once these differences are understood, and ways of adjusting to a different culture are implemented, often the conflicts are resolved. Sarah Lanier, author of Foreign to Familiar, will facilitate understanding through interactive examples of how to deal with multicultural situations. (To be translated into Thai) For Information: Beverly Richardson

Basic Debriefing Skills Training, Thailand
- Where: Kijkandee Foundation- The Well When: Monday through Friday, November 1-5 – 9:00 AM-4:30 PM (Half-day on Friday) Summary: Sarah Lanier, author of Foreign to Familiar, along with Erick Spruyt from Le Rucher Debriefing Center in France will lead this seminar based upon the Le Rucher Debriefing Method. Le Rucher has a 5 day debriefing model which they will share, along with some very helpful debriefing materials that can be used with individuals, families, children, and groups. For Information: Beverly Richardson

- CHARIS TRAINING will be holding a retreat for full-time workers at Pulai Springs resort, near Johor Baru (Malaysia) 27-30 October 2010. The theme will be ‘Water from the Well – spiritual refreshment from the book of Isaiah’ and will be led by Tony Horsfall, an experienced retreat leader. The programme will consist of teaching, reflective worship, personal time and opportunity for relaxation, as well as the chance to meet others in Christian ministry. This will be a semi-silent retreat. For further information contact Tony himself:


- Debriefing Symposium click for more in German


PTM Conference
- This year's theme: "Shepherding in the Hard Places" 28 September - 1 October, 2010 Estes Park, CO USA information at link on

ELIM Retreat Ministries
- The dates specifically are August 27-September 1, September 12-17 and September 21-26. Those interested will find pics, video, faq's and registration at Those with questions, please email Henry Stewart, Barnabas International, ELIM Retreat

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