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May 2010
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I always wanted to work for the United Nations in Geneva, Vienna, Bangkok or New York. But one day God very clearly spoke to me in a member care meeting I was leading, with over 20 participants from every continent: "This is your United Nations". Since then, my calling for and awareness of nations around the world has been strengthend, and the desire to see a Global Member Care Conference has grown.

With great joy I have the privilege now to announce The First Global Member Care Conference , in April 2012, 23-27, Chiangmai, Thailand.

Well, I am not really sure if it's preciceley the first global one. It surely is the first one for the Global Member Care Network. Invited are all member care providers, practitioners, sending and recieving churches, sending agencys, as well as missionarys with a member care focus and interest from around the world.
We are anticipating around 200 participants, with a strong presents from people working in Asia. More info will be posted here.


Looking forward seeing you there.
Harry Hoffmann, on behalf of the GMCN board

This months topics:
- 1. Editorial

- 2. Global Map
- 3. Resources
- 4. Global Member Care Events

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1. Africa

Beulah Retreat, South Africa
- What does Beulah Retreat offer? On this fynbos farm, people are welcomed to share the gracious, comfortable home God has provided for His children. Amidst the beauty of creation found in the spectacular sunsets, the quiet grandeur of the mountain ranges, the natural veld with its fynbos and protea, the wind in the treetops and the bird song, God waits to give the individual a deep sense of His presence, His Peace and His love. This is a special place where you can be yourself and are accepted for who you are. You are encouraged to spend time alone to listen to God, to yourself, to others in your life. It is a place of refreshment and renewal, new growth and new beginnings. Supportive listeners are available. Comfortable, full-board accommodation is provided. Facilities include a spacious prayer room and lecture room. A fixed tariff per person per day is suggested and includes all meals. Beulah is ideal for individuals and small groups of up to 24 people. Facilities are generally not suitable for children.


Southern Asia
Bethel Retreat House, Goa, India
Bethel Retreat House is basically a place – a place to draw away from the activities, the pressures, the responsibilities of life for aseason and to spend quality time with the Lord, on your own, for an extended quiet time with Him.
Bethel Retreat House is a place to get away to have time alone with God. It is a place to draw away from the activities, the pressures, and the responsibilities of life for a season and to spend quality time with the Lord on your own, for an extended quiet time with Him. Unless there is a guide retreat on a weekend, there is no schedule except for lunch and dinner.
You are given private space to be alone with the Lord. However, Staff are available to talk and pray with you if you so desire. Meet The Staff
Our vision at Bethel Retreat House is to see God’s servants leave us rested, refreshed and renewed in their love, intimacy and commitment to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Southeastern Asia
Report: Global Conference on Care, Bogor, Indonesia.
- Global Conference on Care Report , Click on this link to read a brief report of Global Conference on Care which was held on 15-17 March 2010 in Bogor, Indonesia.


Northern Europe

Penhurst Retreat Centre, UK
- Penhurst is a small, friendly Christian Retreat Centre, where a warm welcome is offered to any individual or small group from the local area, the UK or worldwide. We are situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty just 10 miles from the coast in the Sussex High Weald.
Accommodation: Comfortable full-board accommodation is available for up to 12 guests sharing 6 bedrooms. Day groups are also welcome up to a maximum of 25.
Spiritual Accompaniment: The Centre is connected to two separate networks of people who offer Spiritual Accompaniment to those seeking specific or regular guidance and support. The Wardens would be pleased to offer their help in finding an experienced Mentor or Director who might be available to meet with you.
Retreats for Mission Partners and Humanitarian Workers. Penhurst has a heart for cross cultural mission. The centre seeks to be responsive to the needs of mission workers from the UK and overseas. It offers an ideal environment for reflection, recreation and

Center for Psykiatri og Eksistens, Denmark

- Center for Psykiatri og Eksistens er åbnet august 2009. Centeret ledes af overlæge og speciallæge i psykiatri Jørgen Due Madsen. Center for Psykiatri og Eksistens har et tæt samarbejde med Center for Familieudvikling. Center for Familieudvikling tilbyder PREP-parkurser, Kurser for skilte, Skilsmissegrupper for børn og unge, Rådgivning og terapi, Foredrag og Lederuddannelse.

5. Middle East

Middle East Member Care
- attach the flyer for our big triennial MC Conference coming up in Oct.
click here to download pdf flyer

People can request a quarterly free newsletter, but we would want to screen them first of course. The contact person is on the flyer. or contact

- People can contact Susane at directly for free housing in Cyprus for holidays, retreats, visa runs, etc.

Anglican Retreat House in Katafiyio, Kapedes Village, Cyprus.
- Anglican Retreat House in Katafiyio, Kapedes Village, Cyprus. Maggie Le-Roy is the director, and she will answer all e-mail to this address.

Family Camping site high in the mountain

- Family Camping site high in the mountains, for Christian workers, very low cost, open June-Sept.

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- 'Debriefing aid workers and missionaries: A comprehensive manual' (sixth edition, 2010). By Debbie Lovell-Hawker. This handbook is a revised and updated version of the Effective Debriefing Manual and gives you an understanding of the impact of stress on your staff, and includes practical training in how to debrief staff. It contains extensive details on operational debriefs and exit interviews.Available from

- The briefing info and much more is covered in 'Supporting staff responding to disasters: Recruitment, briefing and on-going care' (third edition, 2009). By Debbie Lovell-Hawker. This handbook was written by Dr Debbie Lovell-Hawker Clinical Psychologist at Oxford University , to accompany a very successful workshop on the subject. As well as topics on how to cope with aid sector trauma, it includes specific reference to the Asian tsunami and a range of practical tools. Available from


book on Re-Entry
- Re-Entry - Making the transition from missions to life at home? YWAM Publishing


Middle East Member Care
- People can request a quarterly free newsletter, but we would want to screen them first of course. contact

Marble Retreat Newsletter
- We provide an online selection of past newsletters to convey the spirit of Marble Retreat Christian counseling, and for historical record. Bear in mind that information in these newsletters may be dated. We edit them for clarity and privacy issues. Summer 2009 (A Tale of Transformation)) Spring 2009 (Celebration of Louis McBurney) Fall 2008 (Climb Every Mountain) Summer 2008 (Stop! In the Name of Love) Spring 2008 (The Man From Uz) Fall 2007 (When I Needed Help) Summer 2007 (Wounds and Scars) Spring 2007 (Passionate Patience) Summer 2006 (Kindness) Fall 2005 (The Art of Confession.) Summer 2005 (Hungry, Healthy Clergy.) Spring 2005 (A Healthier Clergy Walk.) Fall 2004 (Normal Humanity - A Struggle for Clergy.) Summer 2004 (Protestant Illusions) Summer 2003 (High Mountain Passages.) Fall 2002 (Why Amazement?) November 2001 (Have an Affair with your Spouse) October 2001 (Focus on the Family, Father's Day, Christian counseling issues.)

Un boletin de COMIBAM para promover las misiones globales


Missionary Care Resources
- Welcome to the Missions Resource Network library. Downloadable resources that will aid in mission planning and maintenance.

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Missionary Care Foundation Course, Malawi
- Missionary Care Foundation Course (MCFC)
Dates: 5 September to 25 September 2010
Place: YWAM Lilongwe, Malawi
Description: In the course we explore the support systems that God intends for our missionaries and teams so that they remain healthy and resilient. We also help develop specific skills that leaders or member care workers can use to more effectively care for their staff. For example, they will be learning to do regular debriefing, exit interviews, debriefing of couples, coaching others in handling conflict, assessing stress, and coaching others in handling cross cultural stress. As a final outcome, we help attendees develop a specific plan for caring for the staff in their sphere of responsibility. This course is ideal for leaders of any level who want to strengthen the care of their missionaries, for those who are a part of a member care team, or for those who want to form a member care team for their location.
The course is registered for 3 credits as “Missionary Care Seminar” under the U of N (CHC526).
Details: For more information, please contact Jane Rhoades at


Missionary Care Course, Singapore
- Dates: 26 September to 22 October 2010
Place: YWAM Singapore
Description: We believe that, when we take good care of our mission and aid agency staff, we enhance their effectiveness and longevity on the field, while we simultaneously decrease their turn-over and attrition rates. This is a course aimed at training Member Care Providers. The speakers who will cover their specialization topics are from six mission agencies and from various nationalities. The course consists of more than teaching only – it contains 50 hours of class discussions about relevant Member Care issues, 22 hours of practical hands-on Member Care sessions, personal ministry, worship, intercession for Member Care issues, fellowship and fun. This course is accredited with the University of the Nations.
Some of the topics: Attrition Spiritual Vitality Stress Management Contingency Management Debriefing Burnout Conflict Resolution Miscarriage of Vision Loneliness Raising Support Family Life MKs
Who can attend? Mission and aid workers from evangelical mission agencies who want to care for and develop their missionary staff. They need to have completed their preliminary training and served for at least one year on the field. Mission Dept pastors are welcome to attend too.
Details: Please write to the course leader, Too Ai Ling for more detailed information. Her details are as follows:
Course Leader: Too Ai Ling - Registration Forms: Application forms are available online at

HEARTSTREAM REFRESH! 2010 Renew Your Heart, Thailand
- July 4 – 14, 2010: Chiang Mai, Thailand. For fees and details, visit Spaces are limited. Download brochure and registration from website above.


Missionary Enrichment Retreat New Zealand
- Missionary Enrichment Retreat OCTOBER retreat: 26th to 31 Oct. 2010 Location: Lake Taupo Christian Camp Cost: $350 – MI members, $450 – non MI members Note: This is a subsidized price - as low as possible. · Missionaries on furlough · Newly returned missionaries (2 to 4 years back is ok; but the sooner the better) · Mission agency staff Please help get the word out on this help get the word out on this Contact MI for a full brochure Email:


HEARTSTREAM REFRESH! 2010 Renew Your Heart, France
- June 13-23, 2010: French Alps. For fees and details, visit Spaces are limited. Download brochure and registration from website above.

MET retreat for single missionaries , UK
- MET retreat for single missionaries at Pilgrim Hall, Uckfield, East Sussex, UK, 14 - 21 October 2010. We welcome male & female single missionaries from all Christian mission agencies working anywhere in the world. At this retreat we will be offering 35 places to participants. Find more info in the attached word document or on our website


Middle East Member Care Conference 2010
- Oct 21-24 in Amman Jordan. click here for more infos

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