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April 2010
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Welcome to the Global Member Care Network Newsletter.



Recently the GMCN leadership team met in Spain. 9 Member Care people from every continent. That's really something special. We have cohesion, we are functioning well, respect among each other, and we value each others input. I am bragging a bit... but it's something special indeed. Just the fact the we are an underfunded "virtual multicultural team" makes our chances for effectiveness near to zero. You read books on Virtual Teams saying that you need to meet at least twice a year face to face. Multicultural teams even need more time investment to be effective. Well, here we are, doing the best we can with our talents, connecting and developing Member Care worldwide. Click here to read our report and see a group photo.


Coming up projects
Besides the website and monthly newsletter, we are planning the First Global Member Care Consultation, most likley in 2012. Please stay connected to find out location (probably in Thailand) and time. We have also embraced a Member Care project in Malawi / Africa and one covering the Andean States / Latin America. And there is also the excitement about a possible MA in Member Care by the Redcliffe College, UK and the Columbia Univeristy, USA Masters in D.Min in Member Care.

This months topics:
- 1. Editorial
- 2. Coming up Projects
- 3. In Haiti, Mental Health System Is in Collapse
- 4. Survey missionary career transitions upon reentry
- 5. anything on re-entry?
- 6. Global Map
- 7. Resources
- 8. Global Member Care Events

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In Haiti, Mental Health System Is in Collapse
- click here for more info on the article

Survey missionary career transitions upon reentry
- Survey missionary career transitions upon reentry When I returned from West Africa in 2006, I was also surprised to find that this topic was seldom addressed in research on missionary reentry. As part of a Doctor of Ministry course that I was taking at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, I conducted a survey of returned Church of Christ missionaries to learn more about their career transition experiences. Missions Resource Network has posted the results of this research on their web site in two forms -- one is a little bit of a easier read, the other is the full academic paper that I presented to Trinity. That paper has extensive appendixes with the raw data, response narratives, and statistical tables. (A friend who has a PhD in statistics did those for me.) If you are interested in looking at the research, you may go to, click on "Missionary Care" and then on "Reentry." The more general article is called "A Season of Transition for Returned Missionaries," and the academic paper is called "Career Transitions of Former Church of Christ Missionaries." I hope that this is somewhat helpful to you, and that you are able to uncover or conduct additional research and information on this important topic

anything on re-entry?

- We have just had a missionary ending her work after 30 years. I gave her something called ‘Coming Home: the Reentry Transition’ by Ron and Bonnie Koteskey. It is published by New Hope International Ministries 2003. I got it off the website. It is a very thorough look at the work they have been doing and uses a sort of continuous bible study throughout. She found it ok, said that it did not relate to her enough because she was permanently ending her missionary work. It was not a resounding success! But maybe worth you looking at. She had been bible teaching and had had a very tough time in her last 2 years. If you come across anything that people have used successfully I would really appreciate you letting me know. please send to


1. Africa

Member Care Southern Africa
- Member Care Southern Africa
Member Care Southern Africa is a missions support organisation, involved in the care of missionaries. Missionaries are strategic in reaching the less reached – but their effectiveness is often hindered by insufficient member care. Many missionaries have to leave the field prematurely and permanently, because they are not cared for effectively. Member Care can be defined as the continuous investment of resources in the lives of missionaries. The objective is to nurture and develop the missionary as a person over the course of his/her life cycle, from preparation through to re-entry and retirement. Effective member care will enhance the effectiveness of missionaries in their task to reach those who have not heard the Good News yet.


Southeastern Asia

Sheep Dogs" consulting ministry, Thailand
- A sheep dog is responsible for keeping sheep safe, strong, and focused on moving together in the right direction. Likewise, "Sheep Dogs Int'l" ministry helps God's workers to stay healthy, strong, and focused on moving together in unity toward His purposes. Sheep Dogs Int'l offers workshops and coaching in team development, leadership development, problem solving and decision making, strategic planning, and influencing human performance. Jay and Andrea Bransford direct this ministry through The Well Member Care Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Jay has over 15 years of experience as an organizational and management consultant, while Andrea brings her perspective from over 15 years working cross-culturally. Their vision is to see the following prayer answered amongst the long-term teams serving in Asia: "that they may be One, so that the world may know that you sent me." - from John 17:23. For more information or to inquire about setting up a consultation or workshop in Chiang Mai, see

THE WELL - Member Care Center Chiangmai, Thailand
- text txt

The Dwelling Retreat Home Chiang Mai, Thailand
- A free, private and beautiful retreat home specifically for those receiving care! Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, The Dwelling provides a quiet and comfortable 4-bedroom retreat home to enable workers to refresh, refocus and grow in unity. Since many workers often need more than just a get-away, The Dwelling provides holistic care (spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational) through a partnership with two member care and counseling centers in Chiang Mai. Team development workshops and strategic planning facilitation services are also available. For more information or to make online reservations, see "Come to me, all of you who are weary and loaded down with burdens, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28


Northern Europe
Penhurst Retreat Centre , UK
- Retreats for Mission Partners and Humanitarian Workers.
Penhurst is a small, friendly Christian Retreat Centre, where a warm welcome is offered to any individual or small group from the local area, the UK or worldwide. The Centre is connected to two separate networks of people who offer Spiritual Accompaniment to those seeking specific or regular guidance and support. The Wardens would be pleased to offer their help in finding an experienced Mentor or Director who might be available to meet with you. Penhurst has a heart for cross cultural mission. The centre seeks to be responsive to the needs of mission workers from the UK and overseas. It offers an ideal environment for reflection, recreation and renewal.

Claybury International, UK
- Providing professional services in the care and development of Christian Leaders, Missionaries and Organizations. Claybury International is an organization engaged in the care and development of Christian leaders, missionaries and Christian organizations on a global basis. It was established as The Claybury Trust in 1993 after its principal and co-founder, the Rev Colin Buckland engaged in detailed research into the needs of Christian Leaders. The findings of the research led to the establishment of this ministry. The services provided have been built upon the clear needs that both experience and research have raised. Since1993, Claybury has been used widely in the UK and around the world. In any year, our staff can be found in as many as 15 different countries.

HealthLink360 UK
- HealthLink360 exists to provide medical and psychological care to global workers and their families. This care starts before you leave, continues whilst you are out there, and is there when you return

Western Europe

Brueckenbauen Germany

- Debriefing & re-entry, psychological consultancy & intercultural team coaching for individuals, couples, families. Jochen & Christine Schuppener contact:


Asociación Latinoamericana de Asesoramiento y Pastoral Familiar
- En octubre de 1982, en Ajuela, Costa Rica, una docena de visionarios de siete países del hemisferio consolidaron y definieron el Programa de Entrenamiento y Certificación de Asesores Familiares (PECAF). Se planificó también la producción de textos y manuales de capacitación que combinen los aportes científicos con un profundo compromiso cristiano. Se decidió a su vez por el Modelo Sistemático la enseñanza y practica de la terapia, consejería, asesoramiento y pastoral familiar. Asociación Latinoamericana de Asesoramiento y Pastoral Familiar


Career Guidance for Wycliffe USA
- I am the Director of Career Guidance for Wycliffe USA and also serve as a resource to our Career Advisors in Wycliffe International and SIL. We do have a number of Career Advisors serving in the US and overseas. In the US there are Career Advisors based in Dallas (TX), Charlotte (NC), Lancaster (PA) and NY but we are finding ourselves doing remote career counseling. We are open to helping other missions as time allows – they are on our priority list. The best way for connecting people to Career Guidance Services offered by Wycliffe/SIL is to contact me. I can be contacted by the email address that you used to send the email to me or by phone – 717-435-9517 (office) or 717-808-7095 (cell). I hope that this has answered your questions. If I did not answer it completely email me again and I will try again.Carl Campbell, Director of Career Guidance, Wycliffe USA

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Member Care Resources in German
- Member Care Resources in German and English


- BluePages provides information on treatments for depression based on the latest scientific evidence. BluePages also offers screening tests for depression and anxiety, a depression search engine, and links to other helpful resources.

Learning to Overcome Depression
Thank you for your interest in our online program for overcoming depression. Unfortunately, this program -- written in 1999 -- is now too vulnerable to malicious internet security attacks. We do not currently have the resources to recreate it using modern programming standards. Therefore, we have unhappily had to shut it down. Please check back periodically. We hope to restore this website if we can find funding for a modern reprogramming. As an alternative, consider the MoodGym website: This offers a similar CBT approach to overcoming depression. Thank you - Greg Clarke

moodgym Training Program
- Learn cognitive behaviour therapy skills for preventing and coping with depression


book: transitioning after a crisis.
- Just want you to know that I have written a book to assist missionaries who are transitioning after a crisis. The book is Recovery from Traumatic Stress: A resource for missionaries. It's in the final publication stages at William Carey Library and should be available in May. We have included some of the resources in your newsletter in the book. Thanks for the updates!, Joyce Pelletier, LCPC,


Member Care europe March 2010
- Member Care Europe update, March 2010 see attachment click here

THE WELL Member Care Center - Chiangmai April Newsletter
click here

Link Care Newsletter

- To our Colleagues in Personnel, by Ken Royer click here

- Utilizing media to encourage and enhance cross-cultural Christian workers, to better enable them to fulfil the Great Commission. * We see proactive member care being the norm, rather than the exception. * We see communicating and loving missionary families, with a healthy balance of work, life and faith. * We see healthy Third Culture Kids, valued as individuals in mission organisations and family. * We see missionaries persevere in the midst of difficult circumstances, remaining on the field in spite of strong opposition. * We see effective teams of Christian workers walking in unity. * We see growing churches, serving God because Christian workers are spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy. Encourage, Enhance, Enable through Media!

Member Care Resources in German and English
- Member Care Resources in German and English

Missions Resource Network with lots of good resources
- Find lot's of resources about Member Care, Sending Church, Academic research etc... or click here to find the whole list of topics

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Tokyo 2010 Global Consultation w taskforce on missionary care
- Tokyo 2010 Global Consultation. The conference will be held from dinner, Tuesday, May 11 through the evening, Friday, May 14. It will be held in the Nakano Sun Plaza Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, incl a taskforce on missionary care. Please email Harry for more info.



Debriefing Symposium in Germany for German language speakers
- 19. Juni 2010 (10-17 Uhr) , Germany click here for more info

Third Culture Kids, Tagung Member Care for Professionals, Switzerland
- Tagung Member Care for Professionals, Switzerland, Riehen 21. September 2010 Third Culture Kids - so nennt man Kinder, die (meist in Begleitung ihrer Eltern) in einer anderen Kultur aufgewachsen sind. Es ist keine Krankheit, ein TCK zu sein. Das Leben zwischen den Welten kann die Persönlichkeit enorm stärken. Aber da ist auch die Frage nach den Wurzeln, nach der Identität und nach dem eigenen Platz im Leben. TCKs wachsen in einer „Weder-Noch-Welt“ auf, nicht ganz in der Welt der Eltern, nicht ganz in der Welt des Gastlandes. Manche fühlen sich als „globale Nomaden“. Wie können wir sie besser verstehen? Wie kann man denen beistehen, die zu schwache Wurzeln und gebrochene Flügel haben? Die Tagung möchte Impulse geben für alle, die persönlich oder fachlich an der Thematik interessiert sind.


Cuidado Integral in Peru
- Dirigido a todos los que estan interesados en apoyar a los misioneros que salen al campo, orientado a pastores, directores de departamento de misiones de las denominaciones, al personal de las iglesias que están sirviendo en el área de cuidado integral del misionero, a organizaciones de envío interesados en el área de cuidado integral del misionero y pastores de iglesias que quieren y/o están enviando misioneros.
See attachment


Middle East Member Care Conference 2010
- Oct 21-24 in Amman Jordan. click here for more infos


Elim Retreats, June
- Dear Member Care/Mission Leader, Just wanting to let you know that ELIM still has room in our 3 upcoming Retreats in June. Those dates are June 6-11; 17-22; 23-30. Registration for these and other dates can be found at click here for more info

“Building Skills for Member Care with Excellence”, USA
- Link Care Center, USA. Jan. 10-14, 2011 click here for more info

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