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    This issue's focus is Singleness. We hope you'll take a moment to browse its contents and check out the links to its on-line resources. We welcome your feedback on its content and format -- even on the way it arrived in your in-box -- as well as recommendations for other resources. Feel free to forward this to others on your team and any have an interest in member care.
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  • Single Mission

    (by Debbie Hawker, UK)

    Many months ago in this newsletter I invited  people to tell me about their experiences of serving as a single person on the mission field.

    Thank you to everyone who responded. As a result, a new book has just been published, called ‘Single Mission: Thriving as a single person in cross-cultural ministry’. Tim Herbert and I had the privilege of editing the testimonies of many single people who are serving in mission.We heard of the joys and the challenges, and we have been inspired by these lives.

    We want to publically thank everyone who sent in comments, and especially the 30 women and men who wrote chapters in order to encourage and assist others. The contributors are from Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australasia and North America. I found it interesting to learn about the similarities and differences of single mission workers from these different continents.

    The challenges discussed include loneliness, pressure to marry, childlessness, being busy, sexual desire, accommodation, touch, care for the elderly and vacations. The book also covers issues of sexuality (including same sex attraction, masturbation and pornography), cross-cultural dating, being single for the second time and fostering children as a single parent on the mission field. Research is also included. The book is written for single missionaries, their supporters and member care providers.

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this book, which has come out of the Global Member Care Network. Copies are available from, at $11.95 US per copy.

    As shipping costs for individual copies can be expensive for customers outside the USA, some copies are also available from the UK. For details contact

    We are planning to have a lower cost eBook version available soon, through Amazon.

    All profits from this book will be used to support mission workers. How about giving a copy away as a Christmas present, or putting it on your own Christmas list?

    God bless you, Debbie Hawker, www.resilient

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