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Middle East MC conference EGYPT

Middle East EGYPT
MEMC Conference 22-26 Oct , Egypt
THEME: “Building Resilience in Troubled Times”
Main speaker: Dr. Richard Butman, 33 years at Wheaton Grad School USA
ACCOMODATION: Anafora is a retreat center in the desert oasis be- tween Cairo and Alexandria [be advised: no internet available].
SCHEDULE: Minivans depart from Cairo on Tuesday, 22 Oct. at 2 pm, returns to Cairo by van by 4 pm on Saturday, the 26th Oct.
**Now available: a personal bonus day for a guided spiritual retreat if you can arrive Monday am, one day early. Add E25 to the total cost.
Transport still included.
INCLUDES plenary sessions, time for quiet reflection, networking, op- tional seminars on topics such as Helping Gen X & Y in their first term; case studies, new book reviews; Menopause 101 for Men; TCK/MK is- sues, God's Remedy to Stress; Retreats and Quiet Days as part of a Worker's daily life; God Sightings in daily life; Beguilement.
COST approximately Euro 190 per person, including all meals, coffee breaks, materials, and transportation from Cairo and back.
REGISTRATION: contact susanacyprus(at)worksmail.net

Posted By: Anonymous on May 14, 2013 01:43AM

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