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Elim Retreats - USA

Barnabas International and ELIM Retreat Ministries still have room available for missionaries and pastors in two of our June Retreats--June 17-22 and June 25-30.

We most especially welcome folks like you who are care-givers of Global Workers; we want to be a ministry available to "care for the care-givers", so this opportunity is not only available for the missionaries and pastors you are responsible for, but also for you as well!

The purpose of these Retreats is to provide a beautiful setting and safe, competent people to serve global workers, be they stateside pastors, agency/denominational leadership, states-based missionaries, or missionaries on home assignment.

Our prayer is that in these six day Retreats, we will all deepen in our capacity to sense the nearness and care of our God. We pray that Global Workers will have a chance to get some real rest ,personal encouragement, an opportunity to debrief, and a chance to unwind and enjoy a most beautiful natural environment at our Retreat center on Lake Huron, in Michigan.

The Retreat site is 2.5 hours north of Detroit on Michigan's "Thumb", near the village of Port Austin. The site is a 1400 acre family-owned setting. Participant group size is 10-15 adults, singles or couples. Each Retreat is served by Barnabas International leadership, their colleagues in member care ministry, and trained folks from local churches. The setting in its natural beauty "declares the Glory of God", and offers a multitude of recreational activity. We leave tons of unplanned and unstructured time, and some key times together in worship and study in the Word.

Due to the faithfullness of God and the committed giving of many, we are able to offer these six day retreats for minimal cost, $80.00 per person.

Huron City, Michigan
June 9th - 14th 2013 (Families)
June 17th - 22nd 2013
June 25th - 30th 2013
September 8th - 13th 2013
September 16th - 21st 2013

Eagle, Wisconsin
October 27th - November 1st 2013

Posted By: Anonymous on Mar 19, 2013 06:08AM

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