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2010 Member Care Symposium next spring in Phoenix, AZ, USA

SAVE THESE DATES:  April 19-23, 2010

Mindful of the growing range of issues and challenges confronting God’s workers in the Muslim world, Frontiers’ Member Care  staff is presenting its 2010 Member Care Symposium next spring in Phoenix, AZ.

With God’s blessing, this event will recognize and add value to the partnership that exists between Frontiers and sending churches.

You can count on a dynamic, interactive, sharing event … not just lectures.

Symposium Objectives

You and Frontiers share a vision of longevity and vitality for our precious field workers. The 2010 Member Care Symposium has been developed and will be presented to nurture and advance this vision through the following:

    * Nourishing partnerships between Frontiers and its sending churches
    * Better equipping sending churches for member care
    * Highlighting and sharing Frontiers’ distinctive member care “know-how”

Program - Summary

Choose from a number of multi-session tracks, designed to expand your awareness of Member Care and to enhance your Member Care skills.

   Pastoral Coaching on Field Visits
   Christ in Muslims:  The Hope of Glory
   A Sending Church’s Vision and Practice of Member Care
   Life in Hard Places:  What Hurts? What Helps?
   Current Trends in the Church’s Mission to Muslim Peoples

   Pastoral Coaching
   Serving as Senders
   Healing Conflicts through Biblical Peacemaking
   Helping Field Workers Grow More Like Jesus
   Crisis Response Strategies

   Getting Family Ready – Caring for Field Worker Families
   Thriving on Teams – Personal Uniqueness
   Re-Entry and Debriefing – Deep and Wide Listening
   Kids in Focus – Understanding Third Culture Kids
   Healthy Sexuality – Fostering Wholeness
   Marriage under Fire – Building Hearts Together
   Good Grief – Processing Loss on the Field

More information about the program


As plans for the 2010 Member Care Symposium take shape, we are hoping, praying and expecting a level of participation and input from other senders that will cause those you’ve sent to rise up and call themselves blessed.

Block out the time now to join us in Phoenix next April 19-23!

Posted By: frontiers on Nov 20, 2009 08:02PM

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