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Expectations and Burnout:Middle East Dubai, UAE

Expectations and Burnout: Women surviving the Great Commission. Dubai, UAE
To gather together from April 8-11, 2013 at a comfortable facility in Dubai, UAE

Come and share with one another, relax, pray together and learn from authors Sue Eenigenburg and Robynn Bliss as they lead discussions from their book, Expectations and Burnout: Women surviving the Great Commission.

Are you one of the 80% of women working across cultures who has felt close to burnout? How do you know if you are just stressed or approaching burnout? What are its symptoms, causes and solutions?

What role do our expectations play on the road to burnout? Expectations of ourselves, our sending fellowships, organizations, teams, host cultures and God affect not only our well being, but our longevity in service.

Are there helpful resources and tips to help us as we face unfulfilled expectations while seeking to thrive as we work across cultures? How can we deal with expectations and prevent burnout?

Come join us as together we explore expectations and burnout. Learn how to develop realistic expectations and yet still maintain faith in our sovereign God who continues to accomplish the impossible around the world.

Sue Eenigenburg has been involved in cross-cultural work for over 25 years. Sue and her husband celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary last August. She has an MA in leadership studies and is the author of Screams in the Desert and co-author of Expectations and Burnout: Women Surviving the Great Commission.

Robynn Bliss (co-author of Expectations and Burnout: Women Surviving the Great Commission) and her husband served in North India for 13 years. For the past 5 years they've been based in Manhattan, KS where they've launched Eden Vigil, a ministry that combines environmental opportunities and our creation care mandate with planting fellowships.

Cost: $315/person, $175/day attendees
Please contact Diane Sampson at rdsampson(at)gmail.com for questions and registration information and put “ Oasis Women” in subject line

Posted By: Anonymous on Nov 14, 2012 07:40PM

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