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Caring for Others, USA

What We Offer

Member Care Training
One of our goals as a ministry is to help missionaries improve their skills in caring for each other. We help member care specialists, team leaders, and missionaries on the field who want to learn how to better care for their colleagues. We do this through workshops and personal coaching.

Missionary Debriefing
Debriefing is a process of guided reflection of one’s experiences, focusing on the impact of those experiences as it relates to inner matters of the heart, and how God has been at work in these experiences. Effective debriefing allows one to process the past and the present for the purpose of moving into the future with a greater degree of effectiveness.

Because we are trained facilitators not affiliated with the mission agency, sending church, or ministry organization, Christian workers perceive us to be safe because we protect their confidentiality. We conduct debriefing sessions at our office, your office, or missionary conferences.

Personal Growth Conferences for Missionaries
Please click here here for details on this unique growth opportunity for missionaries. We conduct these at the retreat facility we use, or at your site.

In addition to providing preventative care, we also offer restorative and problem solving care through our pastoral counseling services. This can be done at our office or yours, or at conferences you hold.

Missionary Care from Churches
The church plays a vital role in caring for missionaries and our goal is to serve as a resource in this important area. We do this through workshops, speaking to various church ministries, pulpit supply, coaching, and consultation. We also help missionaries in improving their relationships with their supporting churches.

We are available to speak at conferences and workshops on many topics related to member/missionary care.

Missionary Marriages Seminar
We teach relational skills from a variety of sources to enhance missionary marriages. We come to your facility or conference for this training. All our seminar facilitators are certified Christian PAIRS instructors.

Strategic Planning
Would you occasionally like someone from the outside to bounce around ideas with concerning member care? When you are looking for guidance and suggestions to improve the care you provide your missionaries we are here to help.

It can be helpful to talk with someone from outside your organization in considering questions such as How do we organize our member care function? Who will be the people providing the care? What levels of care can and should we offer? How do we get supporting churches involved? Issues like these and many others are concerns we can help you think through

Why We Do What We Do

William D. Taylor writes in his classic book, Too Valuable to Lose – Exploring the Causes and Cures of Missionary Attrition, that over 5,400 missionaries leave the mission field every year for what he calls "preventable reasons." We help prevent the preventable through the member care services and programs we offer.

Posted By: Caring for Others on Nov 20, 2009 07:06PM

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