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Debriefing Training Workshop - USA

Led by Sarah Lanier, Andy and Janet Kerr and staff

Who it is for: Leaders, Membercare Workers or Counselors with at least 10 years experience on the mission field, with basic listening skills. Specific exceptions will be made by the workshop leaders.
The course will offer:
A brief history of debriefing and the reasons why we do debriefing
The difference between debriefing and counseling
One's own limitations and the importance of support and referral
Ethics, confidentiality

Knowledge of:
Debriefing theory
The seven step model of debriefing
Individual and group debriefing
Time frames for debriefing/how to structure a debriefing
Scriptural references
The difference between routine debriefing and critical incident debriefing
Introduction to basic stress and cumulative stress and the symptoms of burnout
Understanding of:
Transition and cross cultural adjustment
Re-entry / culture shock
The need to allow the whole story to unfold before intervening with pastoral help
The place of the cross in missionary careSkills:Refine the skills of active listening, feedback
Recognizing what interventions to use when and where within the framework of the seven step model
Applying the scriptures to situations involving loss and grief
How to use tools, e.g., the stress assessment questionnaire, life event stress chart
How to debrief an individual
How to debrief a group

Location: Clarkesville, GA, in the North Georgia mountains 1 1/2 hr north of Atlanta
Dates: Dec. 2 - 7, 2012
Cost: $350, all inclusive except transportation
For an application to the workshop, contact: allenc(at)ywamnsi.org

A week long debrief will be offered for participants the week prior to the workshop for those who have not gone through debriefing themselves and would like to. contact for details : allenc(at)ywamnsi.org


Posted By: Anonymous on Jul 16, 2012 02:20AM

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