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UK - rekonnect - TCK event

rekonnect(for TCKs aged 6 - 12 yrs)
Not so long ago at a TCK Forum event it emerged that while the majority of mission agencies agreed that "debriefing" TCKs was important, only some felt equipped to do the debriefing and only 1 mission agency had a policy and practice of debriefing every TCK on their return to the UK for "home assignment" or permanently.

This is where rekonnect is an invaluable resource to the UK mission community - whether larger, more established missions or newer, smaller, missions; in fact all mission agencies who send families overseas.

rekonnect (for TCKs aged 6 - 12 yrs) has been running for 10years and more recently rekonnect for teens has met the needs of TCKs aged 13 -18.

This year we have two rekonnect holidays, 20th -24th Aug & 27th - 31st Aug and one week of rekonnect for teens 27th - 31st Aug (families with children in both age brackets can therefore attend at the same time). More details can be found by following the links below:
www.globalconnections.co.uk/rekonnect2012a (rekonnect week 1)rekonnect logo
www.globalconnections.co.uk/rekonnect2012b (rekonnect week 2)
www.globalconnections.co.uk/rekonnect4teens2012 (rekonnect for teens)

Posted By: Anonymous on Apr 15, 2012 06:33PM

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