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EUROPEAN OASIS in Vrbovce, Slovakia

Do You Need a Personal Rest and Time with the Lord?*


If you are within reach of our EUROPEAN OASIS in Vrbovce, Slovakia, this

might be the place for you to gain that refreshment, especially over the

upcoming Holidays. The facility is ready to be used, and we want it to be

used! Our Staff Host, Amber Stark, will be moving there from the USA in

February to get this going. However, in the meantime, between Nov '09 and

Feb '10 we want to make this available "unhosted" for singles, couples,

families, or teams who need a break, vacation week, or some time alone.


*More details & pics on the Oasis and area are attached to this e-mail.*


*More things you need to know*:



$20 per night per single

$40 per night per couple

$50 per night per family

(2-night minimum)

*(If this works a hardship on you, please contact me to discuss your need -



*What's There

** 8 single beds in 1 bedroom/bath downstairs & master bedroom + second

bedroom upstairs with 1 bath. A sauna and second bathroom is downstairs.

* Linens provided for 5 beds. If your group is larger, you may take your

sleeping bags or own linens for the other 3 single beds.

* Fully equipped kitchen.

* There is good phone coverage at least with T-Mobile.

*(No TV or Internet connections until Amber arrives, Bring your books!)*


*Get Connected

** Contact Alenka Milosavljevic who controls the calendar. She can give

you details on the place, how to get the key, and be your in-country contact


*+421 903 755 687 / alenkai@yahoo.com*

* Take you own towels and washcloths, food, games, books, etc.

* Clean the place before you leave so it's in good shape for the next

group. Cleaning supplies are in the Oasis.


Have a great time! If you can't come before February, come after that, meet

Amber, and use the time at the European Oasis to keep yourself strong for

the battle.

Posted By: Dave Grissen,Life Impact on Nov 05, 2009 04:11PM

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