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FACE TO FACE" course, Alexandia, Egypt

The "FACE TO FACE" course (F2F) takes place several times a year in different ven-
ues, and is designed to promote a growing relationship with God and a deeper understanding
of ourselves and others. This course will come to our region next year:

     * Date: 7 - 22 October, 2011. Arriving on the 7th. Leaving on 23rd.

     * Place: Villa Pathy, Alexandria

     * Participants: All MENA couples/singles are welcome to attend, first come, first serve.

     * Children: F2F staff would prefer no child to attend. But, if you must bring them, mini-
mal age is 6 months old.

     * VBS: If there are children, we will run a VBS (+ school) with 4 volunteer local youths to
take care of them.

     * Cost: $400 (3 meals included) plus travel and visa cost.
     * Travel: Ideally to Alexandria airport. Cairo airport is also no problem.
     * Register: Gill.Trainor(at)ict.om.org

This course is designed for Christian workers actively involved in ministry for at least 2
years, who want to develop their relationship with God and grow in self understanding.
The course promotes intimacy with God and facilitates an encounter with God in a fresh way.
It wants to equip Christian workers to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and
those they work alongside. (continued next page)

Posted By: Susana on Jan 14, 2011 06:59PM

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