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Resources in Spanish

* Entre Jóvenes, produced in the Dominican Republic, is a magazine style program that provides professional insight into the feelings, fears and thoughts of young people. Topics cover such areas as friendship, dating, fun, sports, adventures drugs, employment, studies, parents and self identity.
* Produced in Cuba, Mensajes de Fe y Esperance is a daily five minute programs that discusses issues such as family life, interpersonal relationships, child rearing, superstitions, poverty and other concerns, while pointing listeners to faith and hope in Jesus Christ.
* A weekly conversational style program called Cosas de Nosotras, produced in the Dominican Republic, seeks to provide guidance and answers to the problems and challenges faced by Latin American women in their daily lives.
* Integración Familiar is a program designed to strengthen families across Latin America. Produced in the Dominican Republic by a team of professional counselors, this program brings a helping hand to families on a daily basis.
* Tierra Firme, a 30-minute weekly program produced by TWR-Uruguay, is providing a means for intellectuals in Latin America to be challenged by God’s Word. Christianity is presented as having the answer to all aspects of human life, including culture, the arts, literature and social problems.
* Radio Logos is a daily program that uses dramatic Bible reading and discussion to help listeners understand the meaning of the passage.
* Escuela Biblica RTM was developed by in Venezuela to provide systematic training to pastors and other church leaders. Written course materials and tests are available for those who desire to do more than simply audit the training sessions on the air.

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