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Missionary Care Course, Singapore

Dates: 26 September to 22 October 2010
Place:  YWAM Singapore
Description: We believe that, when we take good care of our mission and aid agency staff, we enhance their effectiveness and longevity on the field, while we simultaneously decrease their turn-over and attrition rates. This is a course aimed at training Member Care Providers. The speakers who will cover their specialization topics are from six mission agencies and from various nationalities. The course consists of more than teaching only – it contains 50 hours of class discussions about relevant Member Care issues, 22 hours of practical hands-on Member Care sessions, personal ministry, worship, intercession for Member Care issues, fellowship and fun. This course is accredited with the University of the Nations.
Some of the topics:     Attrition        Spiritual Vitality   Stress Management   Contingency Management  Debriefing     Burnout             Conflict Resolution     Miscarriage of Vision
Loneliness     Raising Support   Family Life               MKs

Who can attend?  Mission and aid workers from evangelical mission agencies who want to care for and develop their missionary staff. They need to have completed their preliminary training and served for at least one year on the field. Mission Dept pastors are welcome to attend too.
Website:  www.ywam.org.sg   
Details:  Please write to the course leader, Too Ai Ling for more detailed information. Her details are as follows:

Course Leader:  Too Ai Ling - tooailing(at)gmail.com

Registration Forms:  Application forms are available online at   http://www.ywam.org.sg/application.htm

Posted By: RandyR on May 07, 2010 08:55PM

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