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MIST = Missions Interlink Short term Australia

MIST = Missions Interlink Short term training - for those going on individual, short-term, cross-cultural placements from 2-24 months.
Mar 19-21:        Woodville Gardens Uniting Church, South Australia
Apr 23-26:        Victoria – Wycliffe HQs,  Kangaroo Ground.
Apr 29-May 2:    NSW
Sept 9-12:        NSW
Oct 14-17:        Victoria – Wycliffe HQs, Kangaroo Ground.

MIST is a *3-4 day weekend **course *designed to provide an environment in which participants are stimulated to think and learn more ... learn more about the challenges of living and working as a short-termer in a cross-cultural setting. This course is facilitated by experienced mission workers drawn from a variety of organisations and situations.  It is held on a regular basis in Victoria, South Australia, NSW and Queensland with the possibility of other courses if requested.

*MIST covers topics such as:*

    * Culture stress / shock
    * Cross-cultural communication
    * Knowing and sharing your faith
    * Health & Practicalities
    * Spiritual Warfare
    * Keeping Fresh Spiritually
    * Language Learning
    * Re-entry
    * Good Development
    * Bible Studies
    * Interviews with previous MIST participants (back from the field)
    * “Being” in another culture

*The benefits of MIST are:*

    * Sharing with a like-minded group who have a commitment to mission & international service.
    * A training program facilitated by experienced mission workers drawn from a variety of
 organisations and situations.
    * Community living enabling peer support, interaction and learning.
    * Opportunity for organisation specific orientation.
    * Interactive, experiential learning environment.

Posted By: Helen on Mar 07, 2010 05:17PM

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