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My wife, Janet,  has been very involved on a personal  level here in Singapore, especially with trainees coming through the Asian

Posted By: Henry Armstrong on Oct 31, 2009 06:56PM

November  2009
No. 34
The Africa Member Care Network is an interagency affiliation of colleagues with member care responsibility. Our purpose is to help provide and develop member care resources.

More... Attached File: Africa_Member_Care_Network_Nov_2009_.txt
Posted By: Marina Prins on Oct 31, 2009 06:46PM

en route express

Ø      This new dynamic course will prepare you for

short mission trips (e.g.

More... Attached File: en_route_express.doc
Posted By: D Hawker on Oct 31, 2009 06:39PM

Now it is possible at Columbia International University to earn a degree in
Member Care.  There is opportunity to enroll in a Masters Degree Program, a

Posted By: Dr. Roni Pruitt Rpruitt@ciu.edu on Oct 27, 2009 02:08AM

)see attachment for more info)

Greetings everyone,
Please pass this on to anyone you think would be interested in attending the
AERC hosted Family Education Conference.

The announcement and registration for the FEC 2010 (Feb 3-5) is attached.

More... Attached File: CM_2010_Announcement_and_Registration_Form.pdf
Posted By: AERC on Oct 26, 2009 09:59PM

Siloam Missionary Homes is an evangelical ministry that provides housing to missionaries for a lifetime.


Posted By: http://www.siloamhomes.org/ on Oct 22, 2009 07:53PM

November 19-22, 2009 - Potawatomi Inn, Angola, Indiana, USA

This year's theme:

Assessing and fostering resilience in missionaries

For more info, go to www.mti.org/mhm.htm

Posted By: http://www.mti.org/mhm.htm on Oct 22, 2009 07:12PM


REGISTER NOW FOR 2010 www.elimretreats.org

Attached File: ELIM_Generic_description.doc
Posted By: www.elimretreats.org on Oct 21, 2009 06:54PM

See attached word document with lots of coming up events in Thailand

Attached File: Network_Member_Care_Newsletter_-_Oct_09.doc
Posted By: hh on Oct 20, 2009 07:14PM

Psychological care for missionaries in The Netherlands


 Also see attachment.

Attached File: folder_Tailor-made_training_programmes_abroad_-_PDF.pdf
Posted By: Corry on Oct 15, 2009 09:03PM

Member Care in Quito, Ecuador see attachment

Attached File: Cuidado_Integral_Region_Andina_nov_09.jpg
Posted By: hh on Oct 10, 2009 08:25PM

This monthly "resource tool" is designed to provide insight for
personnel workers in ministry-related areas.  If you would like to be

More... Attached File: 091006_To_our_Colleagues_in_Personnel.txt
Posted By: hh on Oct 06, 2009 11:46PM | View Replies [1]

MERs are biannual retreats designed especially for the missionary.

Posted By: hh on Oct 05, 2009 01:15AM


I am sending you a link with many resources in Spanish about Member Care


Hope this will be helpful for many



Posted By: Gloria on Oct 04, 2009 06:43PM

 Mission Encouragement Trust

MET is working in association with international Christian mission agencies to bring care, support and encouragement to single missionaries worldwide. 


Posted By: hh on Oct 03, 2009 07:51PM

Immanuel Process Seminar


Date: October 15 & 16, Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Location: The Well, Cost: 500 baht



Posted By: hh on Oct 02, 2009 07:25PM

     New Tribes Mission is hosting a Peer to Peer CID workshop with Dr.

Posted By: Joe Goodman on Oct 02, 2009 02:51AM

October 1, 2009 marks the launch of the new Global Member Care Network website www.globalmembercare.com
We have worked hard over the last 2 years to relaunch the Global Member Care initiative under the WEA Mission Commission.

Posted By: Harry on Sep 30, 2009 10:30PM | View Replies [2]


26 September to 22 October 2010

Posted By: ai ling on Dec 31, 1969 06:00PM

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