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Thank you for your interest in our online program for overcoming depression. Unfortunately, this program -- written in 1999 -- is now too vulnerable to malicious internet security attacks. We do not currently have the resources to recreate it using modern programming standards. Therefore, we have unhappily had to shut it down. Please check back periodically. We hope to restore this website if we can find funding for a modern reprogramming. More...

Posted By: Debbie on Mar 27, 2010 01:39PM

BluePages provides information on treatments for depression based on the latest scientific evidence. More...

Posted By: Debbie on Mar 27, 2010 01:37PM

HealthLink360 exists to provide medical and psychological care to global workers and their families. More...

Posted By: hh on Mar 27, 2010 01:26PM

Member Care Resources in German and English

Posted By: hh on Mar 27, 2010 01:23PM

Tagung Member Care for Professionals, Switzerland, Riehen 21. September 2010     
    Third Culture Kids - so nennt man Kinder, die (meist in Begleitung ihrer Eltern) in einer anderen Kultur aufgewachsen sind. Es ist keine Krankheit, ein TCK zu sein. Das Leben zwischen den Welten kann die Persönlichkeit enorm stärken. More...

Posted By: hh on Mar 27, 2010 01:21PM

Providing professional services in the care and development of Christian Leaders, Missionaries and Organizations.
Claybury International is an organization engaged in the care and development of Christian leaders, missionaries and Christian organizations on a global basis. It was established as The Claybury Trust in 1993 after its principal and co-founder, the Rev Colin Buckland engaged in detailed research into the needs of Christian Leaders. The findings of the research led to the establishment of this ministry. The services provided have been built upon the clear needs that both experience and research have raised. Since1993, Claybury has been used widely in the UK and around the world. In any year, our staff can be found in as many as 15 different countries.

Posted By: Claybury International, UK on Mar 27, 2010 12:42PM

Utilizing media to encourage and enhance cross-cultural Christian workers, to better enable them to fulfil the Great Commission.

Posted By: www.membercaremedia.com on Mar 27, 2010 12:37PM

Member Care Southern Africa is a missions support organisation, involved in the care of missionaries. Missionaries are strategic in reaching the less reached – but their effectiveness is often hindered by insufficient member care. More...

Posted By: Marina on Mar 27, 2010 12:19PM

Retreats for Mission Partners and Humanitarian Workers.
Penhurst is a small, friendly Christian Retreat Centre, where a warm welcome is offered to any individual or small group from the local area, the UK or worldwide. The Centre is connected to two separate networks of people who offer Spiritual Accompaniment to those seeking specific or regular guidance and support. The Wardens would be pleased to offer their help in finding an experienced Mentor or Director who might be available to meet with you. Penhurst has a heart for cross cultural mission. The centre seeks to be responsive to the needs of mission workers from the UK and overseas. More...

Posted By: Penhurst Retreat Centre on Mar 27, 2010 12:17PM

Debriefings werden inzwischen von vielen Organisationen intern angeboten oder durch externe unabhängige Berater.

Posted By: Jochen Schuppener on Mar 16, 2010 09:40AM

For aid workers who have returned to Ireland, includes information about free 'coming home weekends', careers tuition, referral to counsellors, and other support.

Posted By: Debbie on Mar 07, 2010 06:19PM

www.brigada.org   A website full of useful resources for those involved with Christian work overseas.

Posted By: Debbie on Mar 07, 2010 06:01PM

www.ifrc.org  Includes ‘Managing stress in the field’, in Spanish or French.

Posted By: Debbie on Mar 07, 2010 06:00PM

Lots of information about mental health and illness, including diagnosis and medication.

Posted By: Debbie on Mar 07, 2010 05:59PM

Book chapters on debriefing and other topics, available in Arabic. (Primarily for those involved with Christian work overseas).


Posted By: Debbie on Mar 07, 2010 05:56PM

French resources for helping families.

Posted By: Debbie on Mar 07, 2010 05:53PM

www.mindandsoul.info (About mental health issues and Christianity. Includes articles on stress and depression; podcasts; and blogs).

Posted By: Debbie on Mar 07, 2010 05:52PM


Barnabas International and ELIM Retreat Ministries will sponsor 8 Retreats in the States in 2010. Each Retreat is 6 days in length, for adult couples and singles. The emphasis is on debriefing and reentry; spiritual formation and preventative pastoral care. The retreats are offered in exceptionally beautiful environments, for 10-15 registrants. Leadership offered by staff of Barnabas International and member care leadership from a variety of agencies and local churches.

Posted By: Anonymous on Mar 07, 2010 05:43PM

Looking for Team Leading Pastoral Couple for Bethany Ministries in Hong Kong

Posted By: Anonymous on Mar 07, 2010 05:34PM

Oct 14-17: ReEntry Retreat.  A 3 day residential retreat for missionaries who have completed field
service and are resettling in their passport country.

Posted By: Helen on Mar 07, 2010 05:26PM

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