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SEMINAR, Rückkehr aus dem Ausland - Reintegration,  06.  - 08. Dezember 2010
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Posted By: Jochen on Nov 19, 2010 09:36PM

Drs Debbie and David Hawker are clinical psychologists who specialise in caring for mission personnel and their children. They are based near East Midlands Airport/ Nottingham.

Posted By: Debbie on Nov 19, 2010 09:33PM

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Posted By: Anonymous on Nov 19, 2010 09:28PM



Posted By: Ethne on Nov 19, 2010 09:23PM

Mission Encouragement Trust is offering yet another wonderful opportunity of retreat for single missionaries who need spiritual refreshment and a break from the field:

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Posted By: Anonymous on Nov 19, 2010 09:15PM

Posted By: Rachel on Nov 19, 2010 09:09PM

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Posted By: The Well - Member Care Center on Nov 19, 2010 09:07PM

Breathe is a 10-day retreat June 22 – July 2, 2011 designed for the renewal and enrichment of singles, couples, and families who serve cross-culturally. Breathe is led by Dr. Daniel and Lori Hahn, who directed Refresh retreats for cross-cultural workers in France for five years. 2009 marked the launch of Breathe in Switzerland. Breathe focuses on giving cross-cultural workers space to be with God and time to restore their souls. It is staffed by pastors, counselors, medical and massage professionals, and others who care for those who work on the front lines.

Posted By: Lori Hahn on Nov 19, 2010 09:04PM

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Posted By: Henry Stewart on Nov 19, 2010 08:53PM

The latest issue of the mmct communiqué, a digest of member care resources and events, is now available.
This issue's focus is Sabbath and Rest.
We hope you'll take a moment to browse its contents and check out the links to its on-line resources. By the way, all back issues of the communiqué are now available on the the new mmct website. More...

Posted By: MMCT on Oct 16, 2010 02:38AM


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Posted By: Marina on Oct 16, 2010 02:26AM

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Posted By: Ken Royer on Oct 16, 2010 02:23AM

2011 AEA Mission Consultation, to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 10th -12th of February 2011.

Posted By: Tracey Stillman on Oct 16, 2010 02:17AM

There will be several AERC Family Education Conference in China in November. For more info, please contact: martham(at)asiaerc.org for more infos

Posted By: hh on Oct 16, 2010 02:07AM

http://www.ywamnexia.org , under the sections ‘Member Care’ and ‘Resources’.
One of the things I’ve been involved in for YWAM Nexia, is to help pull together resources for Canadian YWAMers, both overseas and in Canada, and those returning from the field. More...

Posted By: Julie Simeon on Oct 16, 2010 02:03AM

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Posted By: Karen Campbell on Oct 16, 2010 01:57AM

Barnabas Zentrum is especially designed to strengthen the lives of Christian workers who are serving in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 
BZ serves as an interdenominational personal and marital counseling retreat center for pastors, missionaries and others in church and Para church staff positions.  The relaxed atmosphere of Barnabas Zentrum provides a place of solitude and confidentiality in which such issues as marital crisis, stress, burnout, staff/team relations, and interpersonal or vocational conflicts, etc. More...

Posted By: JoLynn on Oct 16, 2010 01:48AM

Africa Christian Mission
Seth Anyomi, Director
Box 2632, Accra
Email: skanyomi(at)ncs.com.gh
Counseling and Encouragement to Missionaries battling stress and emotional difficulties.

Posted By: Marina on Sep 14, 2010 03:46AM

See attached pdf file.
The latest issue of the mmct communiqué, a digest of member care resources and events, is now available.
This issue's focus is Singleness. We hope you'll take a moment to browse its contents and check out the links to its on-line resources. We welcome your feedback on its content and format -- even on the way it arrived in your in-box -- as well as recommendations for other resources. More...

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Posted By: mmct on Sep 14, 2010 03:31AM


Posted By: hh on Sep 14, 2010 03:20AM

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